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Category Archives: Uncivilization

Romney on Abortion


Here’s a link to Mitt Romney’s pro-life statement.  He proposes the sort of compromise that gives away the principle in the name of getting something done.  In Romney’s case, it’s the rape and incest exception, and this shows only that Romney doesn’t understand the issue and hasn’t grasped why people who are pro-life oppose abortion.  […]

Abortion issue and the GOP


Fox news is carrying a headline about Mitt Romney’s refusal to sign a pro-life pledge.  The pledge is written by a pro-life group called the Susan B. Anthony list which you can read about here.  The pledge itself is not what I’d call an extremist statement.  Here it is from the SBA website: I […]

Dealing with an impudent punk


When I was a schoolboy, the punks and barbarians played a game of denying to a teacher’s face what she could plainly see.  If a punk was copying answers from the kid in the next seat, the teacher would command the punk to cut it out.  This was the starting point for the game.  “What? […]

MSM be hatin’ on Palin


I’m old enough to remember the last forty-odd years of American political history.  In all that time, I’ve never seen the leftists in the mainstream media seek the personal ruin of a private citizen like they’ve sought it for Sarah Palin.  And, yes, private citizen.  She does not hold elected office nor is a candidate […]

Jesus and Islam


Matt Drudge has been linking an article from CNS News on Moslem claims that Jesus is a prophet of Islam.  This is based on Islam’s Gollum-like regard for whatever it both loathes and envies.  The Christian teaching is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God (John 1:34), that he is God manifest in the […]

Lasciviousness at the 500-level


The sexual morality of public leaders doesn’t look good these days with Weinergate going on, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his mistress getting outed, and lurid stories emerging about Senators Kennedy and Dodd simultaneously abusing a waitress. John “Breck girl” Edwards is back in the news and in jeopardy of becoming a felon, and the pompously named […]

King Canute for County Judge!


So there’s this woman who says she is a really man but a DNA mistake imprisoned her in a female body.  After some period of years, she goes to court and gets a judge to reassign her identity before any surgery was performed.  So she’s got a court order, and on the strength of a […]

Freedom, abused, is lost


This runs on two tracks, one spiritual and one shamelessly political. On the spiritual side, this is just a friendly reminder for my Christian brethren and sistren that conservative media personalities are occasionally our cobelligerents in the culture wars, but they are almost never our friends. That was clarified for me recently while listening to […]

Remind me once again — whose children were these?


It seems some kids transgressed a school dress code and wore unapproved shoes to school.  So the school denied them a free breakfast.  Oh, the outrage. Note to my friends on the left, right, and center.  If your kids are in government custody for most of their waking hours, riding a government bus to a […]

Is it illegal, sinful, or just stupid?


By now you’ve read that a police officer in Toronto said that women would be less likely to be raped if they’d quit dressing like sluts.  This has led to “slut walks” like the one chronicled here where women (should we presume they all self-identify as sluts?) protest the outrageous notion that provocative clothing should […]

Irony can be very ironic


Louise Slaughter, an abortion zealot whose very name is very ironic, accuses budget cutters of wanting to kill women if they don’t give tax money to Planned Parenthood. Of course, abortionists actually do kill little unborn women, and little unborn men, all told about 1300 every day.

Zero-sum game


It’s not often I find myself in hearty agreement with a gay rights activist, but today is an exception.  It’s encouraging to find anybody out there who understands that the ongoing social contest about homosexuality has a deeper, underlying meaning that is bigger by far than gay rights.  Chai R. Feldblum is an outspoken advocate […]

Why do conservative Christians keep obsessing about gays?


Gay rights activists complain of being unfairly judged because, while there are hosts of sins the conservative church could be decrying, homosexuality seems to occupy too much of the church’s attention. Let’s draw a comparison with Islam.  The Moslems are saying this also, and Katie Couric is famously getting all huffy and puffy with concern […]

And while I’m on this subject…


Douglas Wilson, love him or love him not quite so much, is a clear and perceptive writer on Christian subjects.  Since homosexuality is at the center of so much of our nation’s moral quibbling, I thought it’d be a good idea to link this article from his blog.  Read and ponder.

Military sodomy and the coming age of pagan darkness


The Congress has voted to let homosexuality be an out-in-the-open kind of thing in the armed forces. Requiring homosexuals to keep their private lives private was a burden too heavy to bear, woe betide them all, so in the words of Joe Lieberman, they had to “do the right thing.” The largest sector of the […]