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Category Archives: Uncivilization

Weep with them that weep


Egypt has taken its turn toward radical Islam, and now the Christians are the first in line to pay the price for it.  Concerns were expressed about this when the Mubarak regime fell.  The military establishment briefly controlled things; then came the elections in which the radical Moslem Brotherhood acquired what power the military was […]

Attack of the hypocritical gay prigs


You could hardly be unaware of the brouhaha over Chik-Fil-A (CFA) and the gay marriage advocates.  CFA board member Dan Cathy said the company is “guilty as charged” in its support of traditional marriage.  Gay advocates went bonkers over it.  Conservatives, at the suggestion of Mike Huckabee, staged a CFA appreciation day and led the […]

The Aurora massacre


A few nights ago in Aurora, Colorado, James Holmes put on body armor, gathered up his guns, and went to the movie theater to murder as many people as he could.  Knowing police would identify him and come to his house, he left it booby trapped, hoping to kill cops when they came.  Twelve victims […]

Lint on the dungheap


Former FBI director Louis Freeh just completed his investigation into the role of Penn State’s senior leadership in the Sandusky child molesting affair.  The New York Daily News says Joe Paterno’s legacy was “tarnished.”  With that, they won the prize for the greatest understatement since Gutenberg invented printing. Free’s report available here actually says Paterno […]

A more studied opinion of the opinion


There are times when you need legal scholarship.  There are times when you don’t.  In the case of Judge Roberts’ opinion on ObamaCare, you don’t.  Regardless of your feelings on the wisdom of the health care bill, the decision is large hunk of logical dreck.  Problem is, it’s too big to flush. I agree with […]

Oculus sus scrofa harvardus


That’s Latin for, “in a Harvard pig’s eye,” which pretty much sums up the Supreme Court’s ruling on ObamaCare.  The nub of the ruling, according to published reports, is that the Court said ObamaCare is a tax and as such as permitted under the Constitution. Note to the Court: Only a very, very highly educated […]

Open Letter to Madonna


Put your clothes back on and go away.  Now.  Please. Sincerely, Planet Earth and everybody on it

New York City’s slave diet


New York City really needs to be having a conversation about what government’s purpose is.  First the ban on large drink cups, now they’re mulling the idea of outlawing excessive popcorn.  Good grief. Here’s the disturbing thing.  Published reports have it that contraband cup law has something like 46 percent support among New Yorkers.  That […]

Clicking the ratchet


As I’ve mentioned before, Revelation chapter 13 is a heart-stopping moment in the unfolding of Bible prophecy.  Among its various predictions is the idea of a universal identification to be applied to everyone on earth.  John calls it a “mark” applied to the right hand or forehead of every person on Earth.  Those who refuse […]

Yay for nay on gay marriage


The vote in North Carolina shows us once again that when homosexual marriage is put to a vote, it gets defeated by a wide margin even in a liberal-leaning state like North Carolina. Gay marriage lost by a score of 61 to 39. It didn’t just get beaten; it got stomped. That result really makes […]

Question for hard core libertarians


I was preaching in the jail of Appling County, Georgia, where I met a woman who was a cocaine addict.  She wasn’t going to be locked up for a long time because the charge was only simple possession.  But she explained to me that she was seriously addicted to crack cocaine.  “I love me a […]

The sl*t controversy


By now you’ve heard that Rush Limbaugh called Ms. Fluke a bad word.  Just to put things in perspective, conservative columnist Michelle Malkin has penned the article here describing the sort of things men on the left say about conservative women.  If you’re any sort of Christian at all, prepare to be a bit shocked. […]

Beating the Iranian war drum


We’re witnessing a run-up to another war in the middle East, this time against Iran.  The pretext is the same as for the war against Iraq.  Our rulers claim the Iranians are developing atomic bombs.  The response that seems most appealing to our rulers is to send planes and bombs to stop the Iranians. Those […]

The evolving story on Roman Catholics and Mr. Obama’s contraception policy


When the Obama administration put out the contraception payment rule, my first thought was that they had bitten off more than they can chew by assailing the Roman Catholic Church.  Regardless of your opinion of their church, you have to admit that the RCs have outlasted a whole lot of governments. As the squabble rumbled […]

Church, State, and Providence


The issue of prayer in school has reared its ugly head, this time in Cranston, Rhode Island.  And once again, I’m taking the position that all sides are in the wrong.  We shouldn’t even be having this fight. The basics are these.  A 16-year old self-described atheist named Jessica Ahlquist objected to a written prayer […]