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Category Archives: Uncivilization

Another foretaste of things to come


It’s no secret that Christian values are being slowly but inexorably dispossessed in America. Wedding cake bakers who refuse service to homosexual couples get sued over it, and lose. They’re told that once you open your business up to serve the public, then you have to serve whatever comes through the door. But now a […]

Secular Man’s smoking habits


Has anyone else noticed how smoking tobacco has been getting less legal while smoking marijuana has been getting more legal? And isn’t it just the funniest thing that so many plain old potheads are claiming it’s for medicinal purposes?

Connecticut — nekkid and hoping you won’t notice


One of the great insights of the American Revolution is that a government’s authority derives from the consent of the governed. The State of Connecticut passed a law saying everyone in the state must register so-called “assault” weapons and high capacity ammo magazines. Comes now the report that ten thousands of citizens in Connecticut — […]

Conservatives who can’t connect the dots


A few months ago while the electioneering was in full-throated roar, a “conservative” writer lamented that liberal voters seem unable to connect the dots.  One quoted a low-info voter who expressed unconcern about a property tax hike because, said the voter, “I rent an apartment, so property taxes don’t affect me.”  How do you connect […]

Mr. Obama’s terrifying nutjob gambit


No tool of modern totalitarianism is as frightening as the left’s weaponizing of mental health, with enthusiastic support from the Party of Stupid.  It’s not that hard to imagine who the leftists will see as insane and in need of a miracle of government healing that will cure them of their bitter clinging.  And of […]

It’s got me wondering…


The current push by the left on gun control is the latest application of Rahm Emanuel’s dictum, never let a crisis go to waste.  My biggest concern is that they’ll overreach again.  Politicians are talking openly about confiscation of firearms. This isn’t Australia.  Multitudes of people in the United States would push back hard. At […]

Best article on Newtown tragedy


Mark Steyn’s article on the Newtown massacre is the best I’ve seen so far.  He connects it with the loss of a moral consensus and the resulting deep narcissism of Our Time.  With the institutional Left calling for everyone in America to be under 24/7 psychiatric watch from government minders, Steyn asks, In a society […]

Like a mushroom


A friend of mine was describing an electrical grounding problem at a power plant.  With his Indian accent he said, “Steef, eese like beeg mushroom.”  He meant that it is a gigantic problem that lives underground and pops up with occasional symptoms that seem unrelated but actually spring from the same cause.  For my non-biologist […]

Life on the left


If you’re wondering what life will be like as our Democrat overlords get comfy with their 2012 “mandate,” look no further than the Belly of the Blue, New York City, where victims of Hurricane Sandy are being cited for failure to clean up their property.  In one case cited at this link, a tree from […]

Rednecks and generals


When I was just a knave, the redneck preachers in our corner of Arkansas preached against gambling because, so they claimed, it promoted a “something for nothing philosophy.”  The idea was that if you create a society of getting without earning then you’ll teach people to be helpless.  They become mentally disabled because they believe […]

Loss of legitimacy


There comes a point when governments lose their legitimacy.  That’s not anything you can define precisely.  I imagine it as the kind of thing that accumulates in bits and pieces until a crisis makes it all unmistakable. The courts are toying with one of those bits and pieces right now.  The Fourth Amendment in the […]

My top picks for the Nobel Peace Prize


1.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for not really meaning it when he threatened genocide against Jews.  Everyone in the U.N. Security council knows he’s only kidding. 2.  Barack Obama, who deserves a second Nobel Peace Prize every bit as much as he deserved the first one. 3.  John Galvin, acting head of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, […]

Needs to be repeated to blind western media


It is astonishing that so many in the mainstream media are self-censoring the growing wave of Islamist violence around the world. A sign similar to this one raised controversy last week when a “journalist” defaced the sign with spray paint in a demonstration against “hate.” One wonders where this journalist was when Islamic radicals were […]

When liberals take over the dictionary


I remember when preachers mocked the liberal establishment for calling drunkenness a disease.  First it got renamed alcoholism, which sounds more like a religious belief in alcohol.  Then alcoholism got classified as a sickness.  Now the sickness has morphed into a disability.  And being a disability, it’s now protected by the ADA, the Americans with […]

Akin, Round Two


Cue up the ever-reliable news media to convert the Todd Akin statement into the latest non-stop news distraction.  He said “legitimate rape,” as if there could be such a thing as “illegitimate rape.”  And now we’ve got Youtube songs out there lampooning it all and the grievance industry working overtime.  With a heavy sigh, Bro. […]