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The Empire struck back. Victory, Team RINO


The outcome of the budget “deal” was predictable ten days ago or ten years ago.  Borrowing and spending increase immediately in exchange for an assurance that some future Congress will cut spending some day, out there, over yonder, God willing.  So America’s great swarming masses of grifters will continue nursing at the government breast without […]

Bro. Steve, where have you been?


Regular readers are wondering why AVFTA hasn’t been updating for the past few weeks.  Answer: We’ve been in China with our latest adoption.  Please welcome Andrew Isaac to the Reed family.

Modern distastes


The Secular Man lives for himself, so there is little he detests more than the idea of duty.  Duty comes from things that are higher than oneself.  It connects to authority, obligation, necessities laid upon him against his will. As a consequence, the Secular Man also has a complicated relationship with the notion of truth.  […]

Green tyrants beating plowshares into swords


The climate meeting at Copenhagen could hardly be going better for people who want to retain their freedom.  First the ClimateGate scandal exposed the dark side of the environmental complex in which government, academia, and the media all got synchronized on the same hard-left harmonic.  The word “conspiracy” got passed around a lot, and the […]

Polanski, act 2


The Hollywood icons of grace and morality are beginning to weigh in on Roman Polanski’s arrest.  The U.K.’s Telegraph is reporting that over a hundred actors and actresses have signed a petition calling for Polanski to be released.  What else would you expect from a set of people who have grown rich from the sale […]

Molech reloaded


The science “czar,” whatever that title implies, for the Obama administration is John Holdren.  The Washington Examiner is posting a piece today on his extremist views concerning abortion and forced sterilization.  This guy is more than a creep.  I haven’t read such chilling recommendations since The Nazi Doctors… that is, if you don’t count Peter […]

Mobile Spam


Is this a great country, or what?

Government health care, British style


Check out this sickening news item from the BBC about maggots being found in operating rooms.  Normally you’re more concerned about sterile procedures than about calling the Verminator.  During the HillaryCare® debacle, Americans decided they just don’t trust the government with their health care.  The British may eventually conclude the same thing. That won’t keep […]

Edison Electric Institute on Waxman-Markey


The electric power industry trade group Edison Electric Institute came out in favor of the Waxman-Markey (W-M) bill.  The stated reasons for this can be found at this link, but the first paragraph repeated the usual drivel about a “low carbon future.”  By now, you can be certain that President Tom Kuhn of EEI knows […]

History’s largest mass suicide


Anthony Watts has posted an article by guest writer David Deming about the mass suicide of Africa’s Xhosa people brought about by a false religious prophecy.  Nearly 80,000 people deliberately and systematically destroyed every possible means of feeding themselves — and then starved to death.  Read the article here. Watts and Deming are particularly interested […]

While back…


Twilight Zone on Planet Ugly


I remember an episode of The Twilight Zone where some people had a baby so ugly it had to be deported to another planet to be with other hideous freaks like itself.  At the end, the camera pulls back so you can see that the parents are the monsters, and their “monster” child is a […]

Obonics: Jopps


Jopps: noun, employment.  Example: employment in the environmental sector would consist of “greent jopps.”

Obonics: Punishment


Punishment:  noun, a human baby born alive not subsequently eliminated by a scheme to ensure the success of an abortion.

Obonics: Investment


Investment: noun, “spending other people’s money in government programs.”  Mark Steyn observes that wasteful government spending can be re-cast as “investment” if its stated goal is stimulating the economy. HT:  Mark Steyn