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Category Archives: The Mine Field

OMG! OMG! What if the fundies are right?


Fox News has published an article from Shari Johnson on the subject of homosexual marriage.  Johnson says she held Christian views on the subject and that her mind was pretty much closed until her 37-year old daughter phoned one night to say that she was a lesbian.  Johnson then mentions Mark Driscoll’s recent article (also […]

Random thoughts on predestination and the existence of evil


As many of you know, we’ve been regular attenders at a PCA church for the past couple of years.  One of the distinctive characteristics of the Presbyterians is that they emphasize the doctrine of predestination a bit more than others do, and that includes the Southern Baptists, the denomination of my nativity and ordination.  The […]

Remind me once again — whose children were these?


It seems some kids transgressed a school dress code and wore unapproved shoes to school.  So the school denied them a free breakfast.  Oh, the outrage. Note to my friends on the left, right, and center.  If your kids are in government custody for most of their waking hours, riding a government bus to a […]

Another creationist textbook law…


I’m almost always glad to see Christians trying to win back some piece of the culture.  The state of Louisiana is trying to do that with a new law that will adjust something or other about science information.  Here’s the text of the law (HT: ICR).  On the surface of things, it doesn’t really look […]

High stakes weeding


The New Testament says there are times when an offending church member should be excluded from the rest of the church.  The textual background on this is about as perspicuous as anything in the Bible.  The following are biblical grounds for being booted out:  Personal offenses not repented of (Matt 18:15-17), serious moral offenses (1 […]

Somewhere between chains and chaos


It’s customary in the Bible-belt South for churches to host bridal showers.  In the days of yore, that was easy.  Respectable people got married only once and had children no fewer than nine months later.  Somewhere about the seventh month of pregnancy, they’d host a baby shower to deal with the whole diaper scene. Now […]

Stomping the trip wire


I hate to do this but… This is about the fifth total re-write of this post.  Reason: This is about gender roles, and the subject of gender roles really is a minefield.  You can die on the gibbet for preaching this.  But that’s not because the biblical view is abstruse.  In fact it’s quite clear, […]

Tithing, part 2


The Tithe, Moses-style Note: Part 1 is found here.  There were three distinct systems of tithing under the law of Moses.  The first system was founded on the agrarian nature of the Israelite economy.  It required that a tenth of the produce of the land (Lev 27:30) be given for the maintenance of the temple […]

Using a hornet nest for a piñata


My opinions on tithing have shifted around over the years.  Okay, so I’m unstable and I admit it.  But one thing has remained stable since I read Deuteronomy 14 a long time ago.  The average Christian is shocked, shocked when he discovers what the Bible actually says about tithing.  He is even more shocked when […]

Like slapping a cactus


Pastors, you cannot deal with the issue of public schooling without offending lots of people.  No matter how gently you touch on it, no matter how lovingly you encourage your folks, no matter how humbly you speak your entreaty, folks are going to get mad.  If you suggest they remove their kids from government control […]

The Obama cult in the schools


Let me say at the outset that Mr. Obama is not responsible for the moonbats in the government schools teaching children to sing his praises.  He didn’t tell them to do that.  He is, however, responsible to tell them to cut it out.  If he’s doing that, I haven’t heard about it. This serves to […]

Conspiracy against the poor – Second memo revealed


As Bro. Steve revealed yesterday, a series of memos has been discovered which outline the vast, left wing conspiracy to oppress the poor.  Today this site is able to disclose the full contents of the second of these memos. _______________________________________________ Fellow Oppressors, The second step in our plan to utterly destroy the detestable poor people […]

Conspiracy against the poor


Bro. Steve has scored his first media scoop, uncovering a series of secret memos from a cabal of conspirators whose aim is the destruction of America’s poor people.  Today I expose the first of these memoranda to public scrutiny. __________________________________________________________ January 20, 2009 Dear Fellow Oppressors: As you know, our campaign of subversion and destruction […]

The Kremlin on the Potomac


The premise behind most government spending is that anybody with a need has a right to his neighbor’s earnings.  I am ashamed of my countrymen for pampering envy, greed, class jealousy, laziness, and every covetous impulse in fallen human nature.  I am embarrased by people that have reorganized their government around the kleptic reflex as […]

Bees with no sting


Though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.  Galatians 1:8 There are several species of bees with no sting.  Stingless bees can produce honey, although defending the honey store would seem to be a problem.  Usually they hide […]