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Time to take a stand


When a preacher is ordered to omit the name of Jesus, it’s the perfect time to preach it. I’m not talking about the crude, bombastic guy on the corner shouting “turn or burn” at cars.  I’m talking about the mild mannered chaplain who works for the police department being told that naming Jesus offends unbelievers.  […]

Holy-gram preaching


A new trend emerging in urban megachurches is preaching via high definition video.  The preacher isn’t actually there.  It may not even be a live video link but a recording made some other time.  The CNN article linked here says some are even using holograms.  The preachers doing this see it as a way to […]

The agony of idiots


The title sounds way more harsh than I wish, but it’s too accurate to change.  So there it is. One of the most difficult issues in Christian ministry at every level is dealing with people who are tragically stupid.  Stupidity is blameworthy when it’s actually a lack of faith. Pastors must figure out how to […]

Something to think about


I asked Jack Brooks over at New Covenant Living why it seems that so much carnality enters Christianity via music and musicians.  Here’s his answer which, he claims, originated from the top of his head.  It must be a good spot.  Here’s what he saith: Off the top of my head… 1. Music can fake […]

Somewhere between chains and chaos


It’s customary in the Bible-belt South for churches to host bridal showers.  In the days of yore, that was easy.  Respectable people got married only once and had children no fewer than nine months later.  Somewhere about the seventh month of pregnancy, they’d host a baby shower to deal with the whole diaper scene. Now […]

Painting idylls at the landfill


Business buzzword Business managers for a long time have been overusing the word “excellence” in an attempt to get their employees to think in terms of doing their best.  Ford Motor Company tried this a few years back with their “Quality is Job One” slogan.  Zenith, the TeeVee manufacturer, used to advertise that the quality […]

When people mute the preacher


Dull preaching The Bible says a pastor must be “apt to teach.”  That means the pastor should have some degree of talent for study and explanation.  The purpose behind the requirement is make sure the ministry of the word doesn’t get dumbed down or become so dull that nobody can sit through it.  The usual […]

Driving nails with a banana


Tiger Woods’ apology included an angry denunciation of the news media.  They certainly have that coming for a host of reasons, but the nasty, gossipy inquisitiveness of the news media is just a fact of life for people who devote their lives to riches and fame.  If you choose fame as your path of life […]

Laying the axe to the root


The religious battles of the 1980s seem to have gone away.  The loud and public contests between Scripture’s defenders and detractors seem to have abated.  Given the general trends in American society and the Christian wing of it,  the Bible’s opponents must be thinking they pretty much won the contest.  The conservative Baptists kept a […]

Following Jesus


Christ Jesus described the Christian life in the simplest of terms: Follow me.  Sometimes he elaborated on that and said for us to take up our crosses and follow him. At the time of his betrayal, all four evangelists record that Peter and certain women followed Jesus “afar off” or words to that effect.  (Mt […]

America’s Big Question for 2010


It’s a busy year shaping up.  Al Queda and the Taliban are refusing to play dead.  The banking crisis is in a temporary quiescent phase, but all those trillions of phony dollars they printed last year are working like termites on our national weal.  The Marxist take-over of health care will enter the period of […]

We need repentance


by Jack Brooks 2009 was a pretty bad year for most people. We need to turn to God for 2010. Slack loan procedures, fired by rampant greed, mixed with wrong-headed social philosophies, excused and ignored by our elected officials until it was too late, and paid for with our money, knocked over this brittle house […]

If one died for all, then all were dead.


Paul reasoned on the basis of Christ’s atoning sacrifice for all mankind that all mankind is under the judgment of God. (2 Cor 5:14)  This says something important about evangelism and the Christian life. The success of some of the industrial-scale megachurches has made it popular to preach Christ as the one who can “meet […]

Like slapping a cactus


Pastors, you cannot deal with the issue of public schooling without offending lots of people.  No matter how gently you touch on it, no matter how lovingly you encourage your folks, no matter how humbly you speak your entreaty, folks are going to get mad.  If you suggest they remove their kids from government control […]

Mother of God


It’s Christmas time, so Christians are turning their attention to the miracle of the incarnation when the Word was made flesh (Jn 1:14), or as Paul expresses it, “God was manifest in the flesh.”  (1 Tim 3:16)  For those who wander by AVFTA unawares, this is a Christian web site, and we Christians believe that […]