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Gun Control, Root Cause and Corrective Action


I’ve spent much of my career in the power business doing what we call “root cause” investigations.  Suppose something bad happens in the power plant such as the plant tripping off line or a major piece of equipment failing.  Guys like me come to the scene and determine all the reasons for the event and […]

Random remarks about Israel, eschatology, and current politics


Not everyone who doesn’t care about Israel is antisemitic.  But everyone who is antisemitic hates Israel.  In the former category are political isolationists who believe America should look out for none but its own interests.  I don’t agree with that position, but at least it’s rational and coherent.  In the latter category are men like […]

Attack of the hypocritical gay prigs


You could hardly be unaware of the brouhaha over Chik-Fil-A (CFA) and the gay marriage advocates.  CFA board member Dan Cathy said the company is “guilty as charged” in its support of traditional marriage.  Gay advocates went bonkers over it.  Conservatives, at the suggestion of Mike Huckabee, staged a CFA appreciation day and led the […]

At last, a shale oil power plant! Oh, wait. It’s in Jordan


Jordan says they’re the world’s fourth largest holder of shale oil reserves. If you’re wondering who’s number one, why that’d be the United States which has more oil in shale than all the petroleum reserves in the Middle Eastern countries combined.  Our energy reserves truly are ginormous, gargantuan, humongous, or any other hokey size superlative […]

Short comments on stuff


Michelle Bachmann was just not ready for prime time.  The latest gaffe about the HPV vaccination causing a girl to become mentally retarded drew eye-rolling from supporters and laughter from opponents.  Her candidacy is now shovel ready.  True enough, this was not nearly as stupid as candidate Obama’s promise to roll back the oceans, but […]

Boy, that didn’t take long


In the aftermath of the slaughter in Norway, the slavering hordes on the media left are already denouncing anyone who is to the right of where they are.  Roger Cohen’s piece in the New York Times will, I venture to guess, set the tone for leftist recrimination of anything conservative.  If you’re upset by the […]

MSM be hatin’ on Palin


I’m old enough to remember the last forty-odd years of American political history.  In all that time, I’ve never seen the leftists in the mainstream media seek the personal ruin of a private citizen like they’ve sought it for Sarah Palin.  And, yes, private citizen.  She does not hold elected office nor is a candidate […]

Getting a media borking, Part 2,347


As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t consider Sarah Palin to be the ideal presidential candidate for constitutional conservatives.  So my remarks on her continuing abuse by the media are not a circumlocution for “Run, Sarah, run!” No, the complaint really is that the mainstream media go convulsive at the sight of her, and throwing integrity […]

Emperor: I may be naked, but I can still get you


Q:  What do Joe Wurzelbacher, Frank Ricci, and the CIA have in common? A:  All of them embarrassed powerful liberal interests and got (or are getting) thoroughly trashed. Wurzelbacher, better known as Joe the Plumber, gave Mr. Obama a bit of backtalk about wealth redistribution during the presidential campaign.  Liberals in state government knew just […]

WaPo’s over-edited apology letter


The Washington Post got caught last week with all four hands and both feet in a rather obvious scam.  In my private opinion based on reading the published reports, it appears the WaPo got used by somebody within the Obama administration to set up a pay-to-play party on health care.  For a fee of thousands […]

The WaPo sheds its integrity fig leaf


The Washington Post has been cashing in on access to Obama officials.  Caught green-handed, they’re looking for a climbdown.  The mainstream media do not have enough integrity left to convince an honest man of his own name.  This appears to my untrained eye to have been a meeting to flesh out the plans ObamaCare® and […]



Some things speak for themselves.  Follow this link to see Evan Thomas from Newsweek gushing in an unguarded moment of latria adoration for Mr. Obama.  No kidding, I’ve never seen anything like this directed toward a political figure in my lifetime, not in America, not anywhere.  The most significant quote from Thomas, “I mean in […]

Some not-news about the news


The mainstream media’s slobbery, puppy-tail-waggy adoration of Mr. Obama, embarrassing as it is, shows no signs of letting up.  They remind me of my late uncle Jack West talking about his son’s brittany spaniel.  “You can just see the love in a dog’s eyes,” he said. Ah, yes.  Love in a dog’s eyes.  And speaking […]

Not missing and not a link


This is about as fast as I’ve ever seen the backtrack letters issued after an overblown media campaign for a fossil.  The “King Julian” fossil of an apparent lemur was greeted with the Darwinists’ equivalent of hosanna, but in this case, the rocks actually are crying out.  And they’re saying this was all a stupid […]

Freedom, abused, is lost


The mainstream media spend a good deal of time these days lamenting the demise of newspapers.  Lots of papers are going bust, and for good reason.  For the past forty or fifty years, they’ve made leftwing activism the core business of “respectable” newspapering. Sure, it was their right.  But it was an abuse of their […]