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The Secular Man’s Suicide Pact


I recently visited a place with a much larger Moslem population than my home town.  That set me to thinking about things. Leftist progress on diversity looks to be moving right along.  I’m guessing they have a schedule for undoing the dispersion of Babel.  We’ll see how that works out. Trembling as I am to utter the […]

Will the real oligarchy please stand up


The Washington Times published an article quoting an Ivy League study saying we live in an oligarchy rather than a republic.  Elites and special interests buy influence and get their way, he says, describing a government of plutocrats more than oligarchs.  The Catholic News Service quotes the same study to the same effect, complaining against […]

So why are you still a Christian?


Given the general drift of western civilization, there are some on our side who are feeling like Christianity is, well, in retreat.  If you could wind your time turner back 40 years, nobody living at that time would have said that America would be in the process of honoring sodomy with its own special rite […]

Ukraine and Obama’s complicated failure


Of course you’ve heard by now that Mr. Romney and Mrs. Palin both warned that Mr. Obama’s policy toward Russia would lead to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. America should have been doing everything possible to help Ukraine establish a sturdy, free economy, a justice system free of graft and corruption, and a credible military. […]

Why I think there’s a God


Louise Antony gave her reasons for thinking there’s no God, and I dealt with those here. But what are the reasons for thinking there is one? In most Christian literature, these boil down to five. Why There’s Something Instead of Nothing The physical universe tells us it had a beginning. The sun isn’t merely shining; […]

Answers for an atheist


The New York Times published an interview with atheist Louise Antony who confidently affirms that there is no God. Read the linked article if you like, but her arguments against God boil down to a just handful of things. First, Antony says, “I deny that there are beings or phenomena outside the scope of natural […]

Kim Jung O


So now the FCC wants to install government minders in newsrooms across the country to make sure “underserved minorities” get the news they need. I guess we’ll show Kim Jung Un how it’s done. Even Mr. Obama’s lickspittle media has an eyebrow aloft. But don’t worry, lefties — if you like your freedom of the […]

Baghdad Bob and ObamaCare


Kathleen Sebelius, the Baghdad Bob of ObamaCare, says job losses due to the idiotic tax scheme are a “popular myth.” Bad timing for her announcement, though, coming right after the administration has been cheesecake grinning and doing happy hands over what a great American blessing it is to escape “job lock” by getting fired. We […]

Conservatives who can’t connect the dots


A few months ago while the electioneering was in full-throated roar, a “conservative” writer lamented that liberal voters seem unable to connect the dots.  One quoted a low-info voter who expressed unconcern about a property tax hike because, said the voter, “I rent an apartment, so property taxes don’t affect me.”  How do you connect […]

Lance and Oprah


The embarrassing spectacle of Lance Armstrong confessing to Oprah has failed to capture the popular imagination. For one thing, Lance is not a sympathetic character.  Americans are not prone to soaring eloquence, so people call him a jerk.  British writer Geoffrey Wheatcroft said of him, “Mr. Armstrong has “a voice like ice cubes,” as one […]

Gun Control, Root Cause and Corrective Action


I’ve spent much of my career in the power business doing what we call “root cause” investigations.  Suppose something bad happens in the power plant such as the plant tripping off line or a major piece of equipment failing.  Guys like me come to the scene and determine all the reasons for the event and […]

Regret to bring up an uncomfortable subject


Slaying the little ones has a long, ugly history.  Usually it’s about killing off hope, which was certainly true when the Egyptians killed the firstborn of Israel or when Herod slew the innocents near Bethlehem.  Sometimes it’s about greed, as when the Canaanite cults sacrificed their children in a vain attempt to improve the harvest. […]

Best article on Newtown tragedy


Mark Steyn’s article on the Newtown massacre is the best I’ve seen so far.  He connects it with the loss of a moral consensus and the resulting deep narcissism of Our Time.  With the institutional Left calling for everyone in America to be under 24/7 psychiatric watch from government minders, Steyn asks, In a society […]

The gun control debate


The predictable result of every crime involving guns is the left’s spasmodic lurch to repress the rights of all the people who didn’t do it.  While I understand the public’s desire to do something, I don’t understand how anyone could believe gun control laws could have any beneficial effect.  In fact, the more I think about it, it’s clear […]

Missing the point by a few parsecs


The guys over at Powerlineblog are pretty good conservative commentators.  And because they’re usually pretty good, they serve as the perfect example of how conservatives are twaddling about teensy details while giving away practically everything to liberals. In today’s offering, Paul Mirengoff laments an effort by federal educrats to replace great literature with statist propaganda.  […]