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Category Archives: Daniel in the Shark Tank

Didn’t run for this office


Amos the prophet records an event in which he got on the business end of official displeasure.  He preached against the sins of Israel and foretold a judgment in which God would set a plumbline in the midst of Israel.  The plumbline is a metaphor of that which is absolutely straight and true, a standard […]

Micaiah the prophet


First Kings 22 tells the story of Micaiah the prophet who foretold the death of King Ahab.  The king had his staff of prophets who converted every executive decision into a religious affair and then prophesied divine success over it.  It was how they did jingoism back then.  But they did it in the name […]

But if not…


If you’re treading water in the shark tank, you’ll need to figure out early who the sharks are and where the limits are on relating to them.  They do bite, so battles will come.  Pick your battles wisely, and then understand what victory really looks like. The Hebrews couldn’t avoid realizing they were in dangerous […]

Daniel in the lions’ den


The Old Testament obviously presents Christ in a great number of types and shadows.  He’s represented in Adam, Joseph, the law of Moses, the Hebrew calendar of feast days, Moses himself, Joshua, and so on.  Somewhere near the top of the heap of typology is the story of Daniel in the den of lions.  I’ll […]

Picking heroes


Every culture has its heroes.  More often than not, the heroes stand as a sort of generalization.  They embody whatever is prominent about a culture, especially what the culture admires about itself.  The old Nazi philosophers believed their Führer was the perfect composite of the characteristics of das volk, the people.  In their theory of […]

Babylon seen by faith


Antony van Leeuwenhoek didn’t invent the first microscope.  But he figured out a method of grinding and polishing lenses to make them much more powerful.  He used one of his improved microscopes to examine the saliva of old men and reported seeing “an unbelievably great company of living animalcules, a-swimming more nimbly than any I […]



When Daniel became Nebuchadnezzar’s principal advisor, he still remembered who his real friends were.  Maybe this was partly his cynical judgment of what kind of men were in the king’s court.  They were nasty, nasty and eventually tried to murder him.  Like Jesus, Daniel knew what was in man. But the heavier factor is that […]

Daniel: Self-promoter not


By any standard, Daniel was a remarkable man of historic stature.  Clearly a man of powerful intellect, he surpassed all the official wise men of Babylon.  God also equipped him with supernatural gifts, revealing dreams as Joseph had done, and later receiving revelation directly from the Lord’s emissaries.  In the secular realm, his rule over […]

Daniel in the Ignoramus’ Den


Daniel Chapter 2 tells the story of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. The king couldn’t remember his dream upon awakening, so he called the Chaldeans and astrologers because they claimed the ability to divine secrets. When they couldn’t tell the king what his dream was, he ordered them all executed. (Tough boss!) The king’s dragnet swept up […]

Daniel and the Great Depression


My daughter and I read through the story of Daniel and his friends refusing the king’s food, and it got me thinking about the role of faith in the life of the Christian. Daniel’s people didn’t lose an election or even an economic depression.  They lost a war of invasion, and their conquerors carried them […]