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From creation clearly seen


The recent creation/evolution debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye was pretty good.  It was not excellent. The rules of the debate didn’t require the contestants to engage one another to any great extent, so the back-and-forth that challenges reasoning didn’t happen. One of the things Mr. Ham said that begged for discussion was his […]



Just so you know what it is.

Creation-evolution debate soon to end… Yah, I bet


Louis Leakey, in some ways the first name in the scholarship of human evolution, has declared an early victory in the creation/evolution debate and, so to speak, has left the building. Did he do this based on some radical new finding?  Well, not exactly.  In fact, there’s not any new finding at all.  There’s just […]

Looking for Mr. LGM


You have to be amazed at the astronomers’ ability to analyze variations in the position of a distant star and deduce the size of a planet revolving around it.  Naturally, this involves a lot of assumptions. Even more amazing is that they’ve surveyed quite a few stars in the Milky Way galaxy and have identified […]

Complexity and the origin of life


The Institute for Creation Research has been around for a long time, still doing a great job after all these years.  Their feature article for today (2/5/12) discusses a question that continually begs for attention: How did life get started in the first place? The jump from molecules life is, not least, a vast leap […]

Free thinkers? Maybe not


A bumper sticker on a car in the parking lot exhorts me to be a free-thinking atheist.  By claiming to be “free,” the car-butt philosopher means he can follow evidence wherever it leads, especially if that is away from God.  One thing he likely does not mean is that he’s free to follow evidence to […]

Another creationist textbook law…


I’m almost always glad to see Christians trying to win back some piece of the culture.  The state of Louisiana is trying to do that with a new law that will adjust something or other about science information.  Here’s the text of the law (HT: ICR).  On the surface of things, it doesn’t really look […]

Newton on creation


Now by the help of these Principles, all material Things seem to have been composed of the hard and solid Particles above-mention’d, variously associated with the first Creation by the Counsel of an intelligent Agent.  For it became him who created them to set them in order.  And if he did so, it’s unphilosophical to […]

Smart guy says dumb thing


Okay, so the headline is certainly a dog-bites-man kind of thing.  But Stephen Hawking, the famed mathematician and physicist, says the universe is just a consequence of the natural laws of physics.  Even if that were true, how did there get to be any such laws without a Creator to set them in order? Hawking’s […]

The race is over; the rats won. Version 2.0


Evolutionary dogma says the whole motive force behind sexual reproduction and the mechanics of evolution is to pass along your genes.  In the competition for the survival of the fittest, the fittest are the ones that figure out a scheme for reproducing more.  That’s what “competition” means in this context.  It means the winners produce […]

Another missing link!


Another breathless announcement is appearing in the U.K. Telegraph announcing that the missing link between apes and people has been found.  As if there were only one.  How many times have we heard this, anyhow?  And besides, the missing link was identified back in the 1960s and seen weekly by millions.  And besides that besides, […]

Ruminating on digestion


I saw a junk science TeeVee show that explained how the earth was made.  As if they knew.  During the discussion of first life, I realized that there’s a big gap in evolutionary theory I hadn’t seen before.  No doubt somebody has written about this before, but it’s a first for me: Digestion.  It requires […]

Primordial soup, hot and salty


Science Daily is reporting the death of a theory of life.  I mentioned a couple of days ago that one of the big gaps in evolutionary theory is the jump from minerals to life.  The original theory for how to get over that gap was that a body of water containing some basic compounds was […]

Evolution’s gaps


These aren’t really gaps as that’s far too small a word.  These are more like megaparsecs or something. 1.  The gap from nothing to something. There is nothing about nature which leads us to expect that something could ever come from nothing naturally.  Everyone is agreed that the universe had a beginning.  Now the question […]

First life


Life begetting life is natural.  Minerals begetting life is not natural.  The origin of first life is not the only unsolved problem for the evolutionist, but it’s certainly the biggest.  There are two basic theories of how life began.  The first is that a molecule similar to DNA randomly came together and began replicating itself.  […]