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The Secular Man’s Suicide Pact

I recently visited a place with a much larger Moslem population than my home town.  That set me to thinking about things.

Leftist progress on diversity looks to be moving right along.  I’m guessing they have a schedule for undoing the dispersion of Babel.  We’ll see how that works out.

Trembling as I am to utter the following blasphemy against one of the Secular Man’s highest articles of faith, it appears to me that segregation is pretty much a natural thing for most people.  If we don’t segregate by race, we do it by sex, religion, income, the type of work you do, your IQ, or even your status as a manager or worker bee.  I’ve noted that the Ivy League humanities majors don’t pal around with the NASCAR set a whole lot, not that either side of this travesty of segregation is complaining about it, because each side is equally convinced that the other side is peopled with bigots and idiots.  In fact, NASCAR people won’t even hang around NHRA.  Oh, well.

So people prefer to be around folks who are like themselves.  But somehow, acknowledging this obvious fact makes me a blasphemer in the eyes of the Secular Man.  Like Winston said in 1984, “theyll shoot me i don’t care theyll shoot me in the back of the neck i dont care”.

There are exceptions to the general trend toward segregation, sometimes benign, sometimes not.  There are cases where we let students come over here and send ours over there.  No harm there.  If you want a kid from France in your home for the school year, more power to you, sez I.

And there are Christian societies who send doctors, farmers, engineers and whatnot.  They have an ulterior motive, of course, but it’s an open secret.  They’ll treat lepers and show folks how to have safe drinking water in exchange for a chance to explain about Jesus and the cross.  There is definitely no harm in that.  And — speaking only of my own premillennial views — Christianity decidedly does not teach us to take over the world by force.  If there is to be any force, Jesus will impose it in person when He arrives.  Post-mill folks, I’ll let you speak for yourselves on this.

Other cases are not quite so benign.  Caesar desegregated the Italians and the Gauls, but not to help the latter. Likewise the Assyrians in Israel, the Babylonians in Judah, and so on.

In general, I’d say anybody who thinks it’s the destiny of his group to take over the world by force is a threat.  In modern times, the Communists and Fascists fit this category and were proud of it.  There was a time when Americans understood this and reacted against it.  The old adage about being better dead than red was a way of acknowledging the open threat posed by Communism while saying that we intended to push back with whatever force it took.

And to get back where I started from, Moslems fit this category.  Islam intends to take over the world, by persuasion where it can, by force where it must.

In the vast majority of cases, your Moslem co-worker is no threat to you or anybody else.  He’s just a guy trying to get by, raise his kids to be good Moslems, and keep his wife from feeling like a conspicuous fool wearing her burqa.

The problem arises when there are enough Moslems to form a society that runs along Islamic lines.  Because Islam expects to own Earth and everyone on it.  The Secular Man, wearing his feelings on his “coexist” bumper sticker, is just not prepared to deal with the reality of an Islam that will not rest until everyone bows to Mecca.  The Secular Man’s refusal to see a threat where there clearly is one looks a lot like a suicide pact.

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  1. William

    Hi, it’s been a while since I’ve been here. You still posting Bro. Steve?

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