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Will the real oligarchy please stand up

The Washington Times published an article quoting an Ivy League study saying we live in an oligarchy rather than a republic.  Elites and special interests buy influence and get their way, he says, describing a government of plutocrats more than oligarchs.  The Catholic News Service quotes the same study to the same effect, complaining against big corporations doing a lot of evil influence buying.  The gist of it is that the rich get their way, harming the rest of us.

But the biggest source of influence over the way the government governs is the government itself.

And here’s how it works.  Something like 148 million Americans are receiving some form of stipend from the government.  Government is essentially buying their votes with money confiscated from the 90 million private sector workers who pay for it all.  So maybe it’s true that we have an oligarchy or plutocracy settling in upon us, but the “evil” corporations are by no means the dominant players in this field.  The money laundering from the government dwarfs all other forms of paid influence, whether it’s from the Koch brothers on the right or Warren Buffet and George Soros on the left.

It’s a victory for Big Irony that many of the people complaining the loudest about the influence of Big Corporations are actually part of Big Government and seem completely blind to their role in the most pervasive and ruinous corruption scheme of all.

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