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Ukraine and Obama’s complicated failure

Of course you’ve heard by now that Mr. Romney and Mrs. Palin both warned that Mr. Obama’s policy toward Russia would lead to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. America should have been doing everything possible to help Ukraine establish a sturdy, free economy, a justice system free of graft and corruption, and a credible military. If we were attempting any of these things, it never made any news I could see.

But now Obama’s failures are starting to earn compound interest. Obama, who years ago helped bring about the decline of America’s manned space program — not that he did this by himself; he had plenty of help — now has another problem on his hands in the matter of Ukraine.

He can’t afford to anger the Russians too much because we depend on them to get our astronauts and supplies to/from the space station. We’re in one of those moments when you realize that great nations have to remain strong in every area. America’s space program has been the envy of the world for 60 years, that is, until the last shuttle flight. Now we have no way to get people and cargo to the space station.

So Mr. Obama will be low key in his reactions to the Russian dealings in Ukraine. It would be too embarrassing to have the Russians tell America to kiss off next time we need one of our astronauts to bum a ride in a Soyuz spacecraft.

And I feel I need to add something here.  I am not ashamed of America, but I am ashamed of our self-imposed weakness and immorality after years of secular, Socialist-leaning misrule. The looming problems confronting our astronauts are the kinds of weird, unique gotchas that crop up when foreign policy is dominated by the wishful, utopian thinking of liberal academics instead of a hard-headed determination to deal with facts as they are.  Russia is a powerful nation that sees itself as our rival.  Mr. Putin is a smart, tough ex-KGB agent and a fierce nationalist.  He plays to win and won’t hesitate to spill blood to achieve his goals.  Only blind folly could have failed to see that and act accordingly.  Putting our space program into a state of dependency on the Russian program is beyond naïve.

So remember that next time a liberal politician tells you America is disliked around the world, embarks on a worldwide apologize-for-America tour, and offers a former KGB agent one of those ludicrous red reset buttons.


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  1. Glad to see your post on what’s happening in Ukraine. I’m struggling to understand the bottom line there — not as the US plays a role, but in Russia herself.

    It was interesting for me to learn that (even prior to the recent election to annex with Russia) nearly 50% of Ukrainians wished to be part of Russia. That info came from Daniel Hannon’s blog. There are qualities I admire about Russia, as oriented from the Orthodox faith and Putin’s incredible rebuilding of churches and monasteries there. I admire their stance against terrorism, and disallowing the tenants of Islam to corrupt their children through their education system. I admire their stance against homosexuality and the preservation of marriage between one man and one woman. I admire their unity and yes, even their nationalism and maybe that’s wrong — but I long for a return of true, proud patriots in America that have a fierce love of God & country in similar fashion.

    All that to say, when half a country wishes to be part of Russia, to be protected in this way, who are we to say that’s wrong? For example, if America became so divided that states truly did secede and violence erupted, I would wish to be annexed and protected by the conservative states that were seceding.

    I’m not saying all this from a point of debate, I’m really wanting to know more of your thoughts and insights on this one. I mean, does it just boil down to free trade? and the injustices of the EU are LESS THAN the injustices of Russia?

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