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Another foretaste of things to come

It’s no secret that Christian values are being slowly but inexorably dispossessed in America. Wedding cake bakers who refuse service to homosexual couples get sued over it, and lose. They’re told that once you open your business up to serve the public, then you have to serve whatever comes through the door.

But now a bar owner in California says he’ll refuse service to state legislators who vote for anti-gay legislation. Actually, he went a bit farther and said he’d deny them entry to his bar.

I’m thinking his valiant pro-gay stand isn’t likely to cost him a lot of money. How many Christians are clamoring to enter a gay bar in California?

Still, the principle being established here should tell every Christian that it’s past time to gird up the old loins. Christian bakers are fair game for discrimination suits if they transgress against the Secular Man’s homodoxy on the grounds that public businesses have to accept whatever the public accepts.

To borrow from Spurgeon, I’ll adventure to prophesy that anti-Christian bar owners will be immune from suits on the same grounds. Yet — lest we all forget — Californians voted against homosexual marriage, even going so far as to forbid it in their state constitution. So it’s clear that the actual public in California accepts anti-gay legislators just fine. But you can be certain that the bar owner, should he get sued for discrimination, will get a pass.

Christians should be waking up to the fact that we’re in a fight. And to paraphrase Mordecai to Esther, don’t think this won’t ever touch you.

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