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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Why I think there’s a God


Louise Antony gave her reasons for thinking there’s no God, and I dealt with those here. But what are the reasons for thinking there is one? In most Christian literature, these boil down to five. Why There’s Something Instead of Nothing The physical universe tells us it had a beginning. The sun isn’t merely shining; […]

Answers for an atheist


The New York Times published an interview with atheist Louise Antony who confidently affirms that there is no God. Read the linked article if you like, but her arguments against God boil down to a just handful of things. First, Antony says, “I deny that there are beings or phenomena outside the scope of natural […]

Kim Jung O


So now the FCC wants to install government minders in newsrooms across the country to make sure “underserved minorities” get the news they need. I guess we’ll show Kim Jung Un how it’s done. Even Mr. Obama’s lickspittle media has an eyebrow aloft. But don’t worry, lefties — if you like your freedom of the […]

Another foretaste of things to come


It’s no secret that Christian values are being slowly but inexorably dispossessed in America. Wedding cake bakers who refuse service to homosexual couples get sued over it, and lose. They’re told that once you open your business up to serve the public, then you have to serve whatever comes through the door. But now a […]

When politics go bad


King Baasha of Israel was a drunkard. His servant Zimri murdered him while he was drunk. Short moral of story: A drunken king can’t be trusted to know who the enemy is. Zimri took over and reigned for about a week. Another servant named Omri found out Baasha was dead and came after Zimri. Zimri […]

Baghdad Bob and ObamaCare


Kathleen Sebelius, the Baghdad Bob of ObamaCare, says job losses due to the idiotic tax scheme are a “popular myth.” Bad timing for her announcement, though, coming right after the administration has been cheesecake grinning and doing happy hands over what a great American blessing it is to escape “job lock” by getting fired. We […]

Secular Man’s smoking habits


Has anyone else noticed how smoking tobacco has been getting less legal while smoking marijuana has been getting more legal? And isn’t it just the funniest thing that so many plain old potheads are claiming it’s for medicinal purposes?

Connecticut — nekkid and hoping you won’t notice


One of the great insights of the American Revolution is that a government’s authority derives from the consent of the governed. The State of Connecticut passed a law saying everyone in the state must register so-called “assault” weapons and high capacity ammo magazines. Comes now the report that ten thousands of citizens in Connecticut — […]

From creation clearly seen


The recent creation/evolution debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye was pretty good.  It was not excellent. The rules of the debate didn’t require the contestants to engage one another to any great extent, so the back-and-forth that challenges reasoning didn’t happen. One of the things Mr. Ham said that begged for discussion was his […]