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Mr. Obama’s terrifying nutjob gambit

No tool of modern totalitarianism is as frightening as the left’s weaponizing of mental health, with enthusiastic support from the Party of Stupid.  It’s not that hard to imagine who the leftists will see as insane and in need of a miracle of government healing that will cure them of their bitter clinging.  And of course all this will be decided by the same guys who pioneered primal scream therapy and, a generation ago, listed homosexuality as a mental disorder yet now claim it’s just fine.

The Soviets had a special gulag for political dissidents who were deemed “insane” by the Kremlin establishment.  They specialized in ghastly treatments that make Torquemada seem tame — lobotomizing people by running a wire cutting tool under the eyelids and into the brain.  Instant zombies without even having to shave the head.

Seriously, it’s hard to picture anything worse than the government creating lists of who’s Officially Crazy.  The implications are chilling.  People in sensitive industries (airlines, utilities, defense aerospace, etc.) typically have to get a psychological exam as a precondition to being hired.  Imagine some helpful Democrats schooled in the Chicago Way gaining control of the mental health bureaucracy.  I’m thinking it could become very challenging to keep sane enough to stay employed.

Oh, and you think they wouldn’t dare?  C’mon.

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