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It’s got me wondering…

The current push by the left on gun control is the latest application of Rahm Emanuel’s dictum, never let a crisis go to waste.  My biggest concern is that they’ll overreach again.  Politicians are talking openly about confiscation of firearms.

This isn’t Australia.  Multitudes of people in the United States would push back hard.

At this point, I don’t think either side knows how far it’s willing to go.  It’s one thing to talk about giving up your guns out of your cold, dead hands.  It’s another to actually fight to the death over it.

As for the leftists, if I could reach out to them and be heard with a moment of sincerity, I’d ask them if they’re truly willing to see their neighbors killed over this.  Because that’s what government does.  It orders everyone to do something, in this case to surrender their guns and ammo, and if people don’t obey,  armed agents come to enforce the order.

And at that point, it becomes force against force.  I have no idea who might blink first.  I really don’t.

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