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Conservatives who can’t connect the dots

A few months ago while the electioneering was in full-throated roar, a “conservative” writer lamented that liberal voters seem unable to connect the dots.  One quoted a low-info voter who expressed unconcern about a property tax hike because, said the voter, “I rent an apartment, so property taxes don’t affect me.”  How do you connect intelligently with people this thick?

And then today, I was listening to talk radio “conservative” Mark Larsen explaining to a caller that he ‘d have no problem with the Boy Scouts changing their stance on homosexuality to go with the PeeCee flow and start accepting it.  The caller wondered why the institution must change to accommodate the individual rather than the other way around, noting that the Boy Scouts have always required young men to be morally straight.

“What is morality?” wondered the blind Mr. Larsen aloud.  After all, Christian denominations have differed over this or that detail.  And whatever would we say to the Metropolitan churches who are openly homosexual?  (Tacit premise in the question: Until you get everything perfect, you’re not allowed to say they’re wrong.)

This is a conservative, low-info talk show host who cannot connect the dots.  Well, actually, Larsen says he’s libertarian, but he’s still dense on this topic and unable to connect dots, and here’s why.

Morality of any and every sort is an assertion of authority.  The moment you say “ought” or “ought not,” somebody else demands, “Says who?”  Morality requires an anchor.  The Author, the Anchor, is God.  And even though the church admittedly has quibbles a-plenty, we’re all together in relaying to you His judgment that sodomy isn’t okay.

Mr. Larsen, apparently unwilling to consider a reliable message from a capable though fallible messenger, has no anchor.  How else can you even ask such a question as, “What is morality?”

And once you pull up the anchor, everything tied to it will drift away.  The current debate over homosexuality didn’t spring upon America like a bolt from the sky.  It started way back when Americans grew discontented with the God who insists we should keep our word.  Not long thence, easy-breezy divorce became socially acceptable.  A few years later, pornography began to proliferate.  And then came the sexual revolution with its promiscuity, the shack-ups, the meteoric rise in illegitimacy, the loss of shame as the entertainer class breeds without commitment.

First thing you know, many major cities had whole sections of their towns devoted to sodomy, and before you can adjust to that, they’ve got us voting on whether homosexuals have a right to marry one another.

And at that point, people like Mr. Larsen cannot render a reason as to what could possibly be bad about that.

Prediction: Sometime soon our society will be debating polygamy, pedophilia, bestiality, and necrophilia, and those who (for whatever reason) disapprove of such things but who have no anchor will find themselves as tongue tied as the hapless Mr. Larsen was.  Who’s to say what’s wrong, after all?

Without God as the anchor for morals, you will have no morals.  He made the world where it can’t be any other way.  And yes, He did that on purpose.  Morals, like the rights stated in the Declaration of Independence, are derived.  And just as God created us equal and endowed us with rights, so he also created us with the social, civic, and religious obligations we refer to as morality.

When you pull up the anchor, you don’t just lose your morals.  You’ll start losing your rights, too.  Same anchor, same God.  Say good-bye to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Godless men cannot comprehend, let alone respect, the Bill of Rights.  They have no clue where such things came from, no idea of what makes them special, and no sense of a higher Authority to whom all earthly authorities must give account.  You can no more have rights without morality than you can have a stream without water.  Both flow from the same spring, the Eternal God.

God deliver us from leaders who do not know their Maker, or even that they are made.

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