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The gun control debate

The predictable result of every crime involving guns is the left’s spasmodic lurch to repress the rights of all the people who didn’t do it.  While I understand the public’s desire to do something, I don’t understand how anyone could believe gun control laws could have any beneficial effect.  In fact, the more I think about it, it’s clear that not even gun control advocates believe this.  It’s just a reaction, like scratching an itch.

It’s simply a fact that government cannot protect you from crime.  Government, at its best and if it’s effective, can deter crime by aggressively avenging criminal acts.  But we don’t even do that in America.  The perpetrator of the Fort Hood massacre, Army Maj. Nidal Hassan, still hasn’t even been brought to trial for his 2009 shooting of 42 people in which 13 died and 29 more were wounded.  In fact, the trial judge has just been dismissed for insisting that Hassan shave his beard per Army regulation.  You could not imagine a more outrageously limp, effete response to a massacre.  The administration, like Gallio, cares nothing for crimes committed in full view of its judgment seat (Acts 18:17).  One cannot help but ask whether this is because the perpetrator is from a protected class (Moslem) and the 13 dead were all from unprotected classes (10 were white, two Hispanic white, one Asian).

By the way, the Hasan episode shows the truth of one of the gun lobby’s favorite slogans: The only thing that stops a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun.  Hasan’s rampage stopped when he was felled by shots fired from the service weapon of Sergeant Mark Todd.

In another testament to the effectiveness of government, consider this.  My parked car got hit at the mall a couple of days ago.  When I discovered it, I called the police at 12:53 p.m.  While I was waiting on a response, two patrol cars glided by at a liesurely pace.  At 1:58 p.m., a sheriff’s deputy finally drove up, took down my information, and told me helpfully that since the incident had occurred on private property, he couldn’t do a thing, couldn’t even charge the perpetrator for leaving the scene.  I’m proposing we reword the slogan to say, “When seconds count, the cops are only an hour and five minutes away from not doing a flippin’ thing.”

And liberals expect this to provide protection against gun crime?  I am driven to say that no, not even the deepest blue liberal is dumb enough to expect protection from this outfit.  If you fear being victimized and want real protection, either hire a bodyguard or else tote some protection yourself.  And it so happens that our county is in the midst of a tax dispute with the power company and the sheriff has responded by saying that if he doesn’t get all his budget requests, then he may have to curtail “public safety” or “delay officer response times.”  With all due respect toward our brave law officers, the sheriff’s budget could be reduced to zero and I would have gotten the same result.

Furthermore, gun control measures cannot get illegal guns out of criminal hands, and in the case of the Ft. Hood massacre (or the equally abhorrent massacre of Afghan civilians by Sgt. Robert Bales), nobody’s even suggesting we keep guns out of military hands.

So where does this leave us?  Given the appallingly craven condition of the Republican party in the Congress, I frankly expect them to capitulate to some meaningless feel-good legislation to restrict gun ownership.  They’ll increase waiting periods, restrict clip sizes, outlaw black paint or pistol grips on shotguns… whatever.  It will do nothing because it can do nothing.  There are hundreds of millions of guns already circulating in America.  It is impossible to confiscate them, and a criminal who wants one will just get one of those.  And then another horror will occur just the same, because guns are not the basic problem.  Our morally sick society is the problem, and you may be certain government cannot fix that, either.

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