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Missing the point by a few parsecs

The guys over at Powerlineblog are pretty good conservative commentators.  And because they’re usually pretty good, they serve as the perfect example of how conservatives are twaddling about teensy details while giving away practically everything to liberals.

In today’s offering, Paul Mirengoff laments an effort by federal educrats to replace great literature with statist propaganda.  Lamentable thing, yes, and woe betide.  Everlasting fie upon that propaganda.

Meanwhile, government school is a total immersion in established, entrenched, boots-on-the-ground statism.  Kids under government compulsion ride a government bus to a government building to study government-mandated subjects taught by a government worker.  At lunch they eat government food, and even if they bring their own brown bag, a government diet agent may confiscate it and give them government chicken squish nuggets instead.  The message is tacit, but it’s hammered into their heads by every aspect of their situation: We own you, and you don’t even eat your own mama’s cooking without our say-so.

This is statism on steroids and jackboots.  Every educational experience of their young lives is government, government, and more government, state control, rules, regulations and myriads of hyperactive nannybots minding everything they do, watching with cameras and tracking kids’ RFID badges and helping with the occasional strip search or (if they’re being nice) merely lining up the kids in the hall so armed men can bring drug dogs to come snuffling up their crotches.

God have mercy on the poor kid who says “Merry Christmas” or wants to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special.  Maybe it’s better if we forget Almighty God and just teach kids the Obama song, “Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.”

And we’re worried about Great Expectations getting replaced by “Executive Order 13423: Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management”?  I’m at a loss to express how vanishingly small this is in comparison to the mere existence of a government school system operating on a perfectly normal day.

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