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Best article on Newtown tragedy

Mark Steyn’s article on the Newtown massacre is the best I’ve seen so far.  He connects it with the loss of a moral consensus and the resulting deep narcissism of Our Time.  With the institutional Left calling for everyone in America to be under 24/7 psychiatric watch from government minders, Steyn asks,

In a society with ever fewer behavioral norms, who’s to say what’s odd? On 9/11, the agent at the check-in desk reckoned Mohammed Atta and his chums were a bit strange but banished the thought as shameful and discriminatory. In a politically correct world, vigilance is a fool’s errand. The US Airways cabin crew who got the “flying imams” bounced from a Minneapolis plane for flamboyantly, intimidatingly wacky behavior (praying loudly, fanning out to occupy all the exit rows, asking for seatbelt extenders they didn’t need) wound up in sensitivity-training hell. If a lesbian thinks dragging your wife around in a head-to-toe body-bag is kinda weird, she’s being “Islamophobic.” If a Muslim thinks taking breast hormones and amputating your penis is a little off, he’s “transphobic.” These very terms make the point that, in our society, finding somebody else odd is itself a form of mental illness. In an unmoored age, what’s not odd?

Very good question indeed.  When Christianity was the basic moral framework for the West, we at least had some public standard for evaluating behavior.  It’s likely that our government minders will, at some point in the future, institute a Continuous Behavior Observation Program for the entire population.  What sort of standards will they reach for in determining who needs to be preemptively locked up?

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