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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Gun Control, Root Cause and Corrective Action


I’ve spent much of my career in the power business doing what we call “root cause” investigations.  Suppose something bad happens in the power plant such as the plant tripping off line or a major piece of equipment failing.  Guys like me come to the scene and determine all the reasons for the event and […]

Regret to bring up an uncomfortable subject


Slaying the little ones has a long, ugly history.  Usually it’s about killing off hope, which was certainly true when the Egyptians killed the firstborn of Israel or when Herod slew the innocents near Bethlehem.  Sometimes it’s about greed, as when the Canaanite cults sacrificed their children in a vain attempt to improve the harvest. […]

Best article on Newtown tragedy


Mark Steyn’s article on the Newtown massacre is the best I’ve seen so far.  He connects it with the loss of a moral consensus and the resulting deep narcissism of Our Time.  With the institutional Left calling for everyone in America to be under 24/7 psychiatric watch from government minders, Steyn asks, In a society […]

The gun control debate


The predictable result of every crime involving guns is the left’s spasmodic lurch to repress the rights of all the people who didn’t do it.  While I understand the public’s desire to do something, I don’t understand how anyone could believe gun control laws could have any beneficial effect.  In fact, the more I think about it, it’s clear […]

Like a mushroom


A friend of mine was describing an electrical grounding problem at a power plant.  With his Indian accent he said, “Steef, eese like beeg mushroom.”  He meant that it is a gigantic problem that lives underground and pops up with occasional symptoms that seem unrelated but actually spring from the same cause.  For my non-biologist […]

Missing the point by a few parsecs


The guys over at Powerlineblog are pretty good conservative commentators.  And because they’re usually pretty good, they serve as the perfect example of how conservatives are twaddling about teensy details while giving away practically everything to liberals. In today’s offering, Paul Mirengoff laments an effort by federal educrats to replace great literature with statist propaganda.  […]

The GOP Jellyfish


Here she is, the GOP Jellyfish Girl, complete with pink tie, no spine, and no brain.  If you copy the artwork, you must give credit to Carrie S. Reed.

Life on the left


If you’re wondering what life will be like as our Democrat overlords get comfy with their 2012 “mandate,” look no further than the Belly of the Blue, New York City, where victims of Hurricane Sandy are being cited for failure to clean up their property.  In one case cited at this link, a tree from […]

May not need to disband GOP


They may do it on their own.  You probably know by now that John Boehner has dumped conservatives from some key committee assignments.  Tea Party voters, never big fans of the GOP to start with, have even more reason to walk away.  If I were an artist, which I’m not, I’d replace the GOP elephant […]

Color me pessimillennial


Our friends who believe in the postmillennial view of the end times disparagingly refer to the premillennial view as “pessimillennialism.”  Har, har. True enough, the premillennial believer thinks this present world will die ugly.  We don’t think the Gospel is going to win everyone.  Since most postmillennial guys are also Calvinists, you’d think that would […]

The Mexican civil war


Providence directed that I be in Mexico in 1982 at the height of that nation’s ruinous episode of hyperinflation.  Just before I arrived, the old peso was replaced with the “mil,” or 1,000 pesos.  It was their basic currency, something like our dollar bill. To put this in perspective, let’s say you had 401k savings […]