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Victory for Team Grifter

Why did the GOP get clobbered after winning so decisively in 2010?

1.  The Obama campaign won the so-called “ground game” of getting its voters to turn out in numbers that were big enough.  That was key in this race.  Voter turn-out is to politics what speed is to NASCAR.

2.  The Romney campaign perhaps burned too many bridges winning the primaries.  Overall turnout was low, way low, stunningly low for such a historic election.  I suspect this is because lots of Tea Party voters and Ron Paul voters were deeply offended by how their issues were swept aside by the GOP establishment.  The choice of Paul Ryan as veep mended some fences, just not enough.

3.  Corollary to #2, Mr. Romney is just not conservative enough to get serious Constitutional conservatives off the bench and into the game.

4.  Give credit where it’s due, the leftist-dominated mainstream media did its part at hiding Obama’s failures and participating in his attacks on Romney.  It worked.  There are still millions of voters whose sole source of news and commentary is network television.  If you based your opinions solely on that, you’d know Obama is a saint whereas Romney is a rich vulture capitalist, a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, hiding millions in offshore accounts without paying his taxes, murdered somebody’ wife and wears magic underwear.  And did I mention that he’s rich?  Filthy, stinkin’ rich?  And he also has a lot of money?  Can you feel the envy rising?  I can’t imagine the left’s stark, nasty appeal to jealousy, envy, and covetousness having a good effect on the country in the long run.

5.  And speaking of covetousness… the Obama constituency is the most narrowly-defined, single-issue voter base in the history of American politics.  They know that Obama gives them free stuff.  Romney was not really a threat to that, but they thought he was, so they supported Obama.  It’s about the “fool stamps” and Obamaphones.

6.  Timing.  Romney had been gaining ground since the convention and especially since his first debate.  But it began to taper off, and his gains weren’t fast enough.  If the election had been held a month later, he might have come out on top.  Maybe not.  But maybe.

7.  The bipartisanship shtick was hurting Romney with voters who really understand what’s at stake in the impending debt and monetary crisis.  This is not a time to go along and get along with the people whose policies are threatening to overturn the nation.  It’s a time to impose fiscal restraint or die trying.  And yet, and yet!, Mr. John “Pink Tie” Boehner is already on the news offering the president some kind of compromise on tax hikes.  Good grief.  As if the trillions in debt resulted from anything other than overspending.  Sorry to use the ‘R’ word, but that is just retarded.

8.  Mr. Romney underplayed the appeal to values voters.  He made the election mostly about the economy and forgot to mention that a moral value like a work ethic doesn’t exist in isolation.  Belief in traditional marriage and sexual roles, a work ethic, honesty, keeping promises, personal responsibility — these are all of a piece.  A financial deadbeat who is also a truthful and faithful man is an odd and temporary critter.  Mr. Romney, though a Mormon and not a Christian, nonetheless could have appealed to Judeo-Christian values and picked up some voters, especially pro-life voters.  He didn’t.  He lost.

9.  Romney needed to do a better job of explaining why energy is the key to America’s economic future.  Saying it is not the same as explaining it.  Romney is uniquely qualified to explain how a two or three cent hike in electricity prices can shut down a manufacturing plant.  We never got the explanation.  Now, under Mr. Obama’s open threat to make electricity prices “skyrocket” (Obama’s word, not mine), America is at risk of doubling or tripling your power bill in the next decade.

10.  Romney’s campaign strategy was to paint Mr. Obama as a generally nice guy who’s just over his head and out of answers.  I think he did this because Romney himself is genuinely a nice man.  By contrast, insider info suggests Mr. Obama isn’t so nice after all.  And given his anti-American upbringing, anti-American church, and his unrepentant terrorist connections, it’s not a stretch to be chary about his intentions.  Romney presented his own resume and told us why he’d do a good job.  What his campaign never did was set forth good reasons to view four more years of Obama as a threat.  I find negative politics as distasteful as the next guy.  But when your opponent actually might be bad for the country, you have a duty to say it and explain why.  That never happened.


  1. : ( so bummed this week….

    I do know a way, however, the nation can be changed within a year. A modern day tea party. But rather than tea, we’ll gather up tv’s and rather than the ocean, we’ll exert our energies with sledgehammers.

    Posted on 09-Nov-12 at 21:45 pm | Permalink
  2. P.S. what do you think of the idea of taking the slogan from the war, “Winning the hearts and minds of the people” and applying it here at home… Conservatives must win the hearts and minds of America! How do you change the consciousness of a society?

    Posted on 09-Nov-12 at 21:49 pm | Permalink
  3. Amy, the Gospel is the only thing I know specifically designed for transforming society in a positive way. Destruction is easy, as Obama and the Democrats are proving. Building up is difficult, and doing it through the Gospel is a long term thing.

    Posted on 10-Nov-12 at 12:46 pm | Permalink

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