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Trash as theater and prophecy

The entertainment industry will never catch up with Washington reality.  First you have the tragic deaths in Benghazi which, to any reasonable adult, beg for explanation.  And then the most blazingly obvious questions are met with silence.  People who could have intervened to prevent the deaths were ordered to stand aside.  Who gave such an order, we all ask?  The answer has come back along the lines of, I dunno, explaining relativistic effects on electrical permittivity of free space.  Everyone gaped and gagged and asked more questions.

First thing we know, there’s this admiral in the Mediterranean who gets “reassigned.”  Then  CIA director Petraeus outs himself and resigns.  That left us wondering, since when was adultery a problem to Democrats?   We had all thought it was verily a requirement on their résumés!  Next, the Congress wants to talk to Hillary and learns that she’s too busy can can’t be bothered — perhaps still occupied with those Rose Law billing records or something.

By now the whole cosmos is undergoing a second inflationary phase, this time inflating with rampant speculation.  Since speculation is so much fun, here’s mine:  Petraeus was hired because the White House insiders knew about his dalliances.  It gives them leverage, or so they thought.  Amidst the administration’s toddler-level coverup operation, Petraeus gets called in and told what to say to the Congress.  The “or else” doesn’t have to be spoken aloud.  They know.  He knows.  And he knows they know.  So, like a master at checkers, he forces the jump early before the opposition is ready.  He outs himself, resigns his office, returns in personal disgrace to a home in tatters.

He has become, in short, the most dangerous critter Washington knows: A man who knows a lot, who is about to be under subpoena, and who has nothing to lose by telling the truth.

Oh, this is going to be fun to watch.

In the end, it is likely not to matter. Obama was elected to take stuff from people who earn it and give it to federal dependents.  Just suppose the ugliest, nastiest, darkest rumors are true, namely that the whole Benghazi affair was a bizarre plot to have Ambassador Stevens kidnapped and “saved” by a fake, staged rescue by Obama for election fodder.  And let’s just suppose it’s true, and suppose it’s all proved beyond a shadow of doubt, and suppose they’ve got it all on video and the whole plot is exposed on Youtube tomorrow morning, and let’s suppose every last soul in America knows the whole sordid truth.

There would still be zero chance that Senate Democrats would convict him of treason (which is what such a plot would amount to).  And the reason is simple: Obama was elected to give away free stuff, and he’s still doing that.  And this shows in microcosm how long the current government will last.  The American government has been thoroughly co-opted by the welfare class.  The government will fall when the welfare class misses its first check.

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