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Time to disband the GOP

The Democrats hold the GOP in sneering, mocking contempt.  So do I.  I can’t be represented by a tentative, overcautious gaggle of a pink-ties without conviction or boldness or an understanding of the times.

The GOP is in the process of proving they have no understanding of the principle of separation of powers.  They certainly have no understanding of how the Framers intended a bicameral legislature to function.  The House was intended to represent the populace, and no law or policy can be enacted without their approval.

The GOP has a comfortable majority in the House.  Men of courage and principle would use that power to rescue the United States from an impending economic catastrophe.  They are under no obligation to presume the President is negotiating in good faith.  They are under no obligation to cut a deal.  The future of the nation hangs in the balance just as surely now as it did before the election.

Let President Obama claim his 52 percent of the vote, though a perhaps decisive portion of that was gotten by Democrat voter fraud.  The House members should reply that they have 54 percent of the House, and that gives them 100 percent of its power, and that they intend to use that power to prevent the economic destruction of America.  If there must be a serious fight — and there must– then let it begin here, now, while conservatives still have at least one weapon.  It is the weapon that matters most in Washington.  It is the power over spending.  The House has it.  They should knock the chip off the president’s shoulder.  Demand a prioritized list of spending cuts that reduce the deficit to zero over the next four years, and tell the president not to bother them till he’s prepared to submit his homework to them.

Patriots would do this.  True Americans would do this.  Men would do this, vowing their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

But country club RINOs will not.  Time and again they have proven themselves insufficient for the challenges history has placed before them.  All my adult life I’ve witness successive collections of Republicans appeal for the support of people who work for their money, of conservatives, of Christians, of libertarians, of people who believe in the historic value of our Constitution.  Time and again they’ve gotten electoral support by warning us against the wild spending and socialist schemes of the Democrats.  But time and again, I have watched them shrink from their moment, afraid of the leftist press, afraid of being called unkind names, selling us out to the socialist Democrats and their parasite constituents.

What benefit is the GOP to the future of this nation?  Let the decent House members still defiling themselves by GOP membership make an exit and begin serving as truly independent Constitutional Conservatives.  The time of the GOP Whigs is over.

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