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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Time to disband the GOP


The Democrats hold the GOP in sneering, mocking contempt.  So do I.  I can’t be represented by a tentative, overcautious gaggle of a pink-ties without conviction or boldness or an understanding of the times. The GOP is in the process of proving they have no understanding of the principle of separation of powers.  They certainly […]

Random remarks about Israel, eschatology, and current politics


Not everyone who doesn’t care about Israel is antisemitic.  But everyone who is antisemitic hates Israel.  In the former category are political isolationists who believe America should look out for none but its own interests.  I don’t agree with that position, but at least it’s rational and coherent.  In the latter category are men like […]

Rednecks and generals


When I was just a knave, the redneck preachers in our corner of Arkansas preached against gambling because, so they claimed, it promoted a “something for nothing philosophy.”  The idea was that if you create a society of getting without earning then you’ll teach people to be helpless.  They become mentally disabled because they believe […]

Trash as theater and prophecy


The entertainment industry will never catch up with Washington reality.  First you have the tragic deaths in Benghazi which, to any reasonable adult, beg for explanation.  And then the most blazingly obvious questions are met with silence.  People who could have intervened to prevent the deaths were ordered to stand aside.  Who gave such an […]

Victory for Team Grifter


Why did the GOP get clobbered after winning so decisively in 2010? 1.  The Obama campaign won the so-called “ground game” of getting its voters to turn out in numbers that were big enough.  That was key in this race.  Voter turn-out is to politics what speed is to NASCAR. 2.  The Romney campaign perhaps […]

What’s the government FOR, anyway?


The 2012 general election will begin in just a few hours.  The biggest question never asked is, Why is there a government?  What is its purpose? Purpose introduces the idea of an Agent who does the purposing, yes?  And an Agent with a purpose brings along the idea of an ought.  There are things the […]