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The undecided nation

The 2012 election is a gut-check for America.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the two halves of America so cleanly and neatly divided.  I call it the party of outright moral rebellion against the party of lip-biting and indecision.

For a generation the Democrat party has stood for rebellion and up-in-yo’-face irresponsibility.  They represent the forces that continually define social sickness down.  They support unlimited welfare, abortion, sodomy, and since much of that has been energized by liberal white race guilt, the Democrats have also pushed for a weaker America.  These are the calling cards of leftism: Dependency, death, deviancy, and defeat.  After their convention in Charlotte, you could another ‘D,’ defiance.  They didn’t even want the word “God” left in their party platform.  It’s ironic that the only way God was left in the platform was by LA Mayor Villaraigosa brazenly cheating.

We all know this dismal summary of the Democrat party to be true, especially the Democrats themselves.  The only part that should shock anyone is that that roughly half of America cheers for this.

But it’s wishful thinking to say that the Republican party has stood for the opposite, that is, for self reliance, life, morality, and strength, and true reverence for God.  Not long ago, the GOP held both houses of Congress, the White House, and had a fairly reliable majority on the Supreme Court.  If ever there had been a time to do something so simple as defunding — I dunno, National Public Radio? — that would have been it.  But they didn’t do it.  Instead, they supported their own version of the welfare state.

What exactly does the GOP stand for, then?  Frankly, it’s hard to say. They have become the party of hand-wringing.  The reason they perennially disappoint conservatives is that they don’t really have a set of flaming core beliefs they’re willing to fight like hell for.  Say what you will about the Democrats; they wage their wars on every front and at all times.

As for the GOP, we know they want a bigger military and for the welfare state to be pared back a little, maybe, but only a little.  We know that establishment Republicans think the abortion issue is an idiotic distraction foisted upon them by church crackpots whom they loathe but cannot win without.  They will campaign against abortion to gain Christians’ votes but since 1972 have steadily declined to do much about it.  As for deviancy, you have only to listen to conservative talk radio to know that protecting sexual deviancy is downright chic in the GOP’s libertarian wing.

So it’s odd, in a way, that the GOP is identified with conservatism when it’s clearly not a party of conservatives.  It has become, as I’ve said, the hand-wringing party, the lip-biting, nervously waffling party of everlasting equivocation.  They’re against terror, against China manipulating the value of the yuan.  They’re against public cannibalism.  Everything else is open to some kind of bipartisan negotiation.

How fitting, then, that election after election is decided by the “undecided,” an amoral lot of feckless voters squatting in a sort of demilitarized zone amid the culture war.

So, in just a few more days the voters will have a go at it.  The undecided voters will cast the deciding votes.  At this juncture, it’s looking vaguely like they’re breaking toward Mr. Romney who may win a squeaker election, but that’s in serious doubt.  As for the rest of the elections, the Senate will stay Democrat.  The House will stay Republican.  Gridlock will ensue.  My Democrat friends therefore need not despair if they lose control of the White House.  We can expect that, absent a divine intervention to awaken the soul of America, the leftward drift of the nation will continue.

But isn’t this what Christians should have all along expected?

Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.   –Psalm 127:1

A nation that tries to make a go of things without forthrightly acknowledging Him is destined to fail.  God has structured the whole realm of nature to deny final success to those who will not openly honor the Creator.  You should not wonder why the natural state of the political process is toward evil.  This is how the whole fallen world works.  It’s only when men kneel before the one, true God and actively seek Him that things begin to make a turn toward righteousness.

On the other hand, the lesson of Lot still stands.  For the sake of ten righteous, God will spare the city.  Let us be numbered among those ten righteous who are the unseen yet vital link to the life-sustaining power of God, and let us plead with the heathen as Daniel did for a return to Christ, “if it may be a lengthening of thy tranquility.” (Dan 4:27)  Politics, like law, has power to destroy but cannot save.  For salvation, you need a Savior, Christ the Lord.

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