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Possible signs of a brain wave?

Imagine the patient lying there on the gurney, wires all over his head, doctors studying the screens searching for any sign of brain activity.  They prod the patient’s feet with a needle.  Nothing.  Loved ones speak and squeeze the hand, still nothing.  The preacher stops by and offers prayer to God.  Still nothing.  The doctors inject stuff into the IV, twiddle knobs, all in vain.

The TeeVee in the room, tuned to the omnipresent leftist media, quietly announces the Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that the unemployment rate has fallen below 8 percent.

The patient sits bolt upright and says, “That’s the biggest crock of bull I ever heard!”

I’m thinking it’s a good sign for America that not one person in the whole country believes the BLS announcement is anything other than lying propaganda for the administration.  The abbreviation “BLS” never seemed more fitting.


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