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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Loss of legitimacy


There comes a point when governments lose their legitimacy.  That’s not anything you can define precisely.  I imagine it as the kind of thing that accumulates in bits and pieces until a crisis makes it all unmistakable. The courts are toying with one of those bits and pieces right now.  The Fourth Amendment in the […]

The undecided nation


The 2012 election is a gut-check for America.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the two halves of America so cleanly and neatly divided.  I call it the party of outright moral rebellion against the party of lip-biting and indecision. For a generation the Democrat party has stood for rebellion and up-in-yo’-face irresponsibility.  They represent […]

Need more Gospel


I work during the day, so I seldom hear Rush Limbaugh’s program which airs (oddly) during working hours.  But I happened to hear him ranting about the murder of our ambassador in Libya and accusing the president of lying about it. He made a fairly convincing case that the CIA had already told the president […]

My top picks for the Nobel Peace Prize


1.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for not really meaning it when he threatened genocide against Jews.  Everyone in the U.N. Security council knows he’s only kidding. 2.  Barack Obama, who deserves a second Nobel Peace Prize every bit as much as he deserved the first one. 3.  John Galvin, acting head of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, […]

Possible signs of a brain wave?


Imagine the patient lying there on the gurney, wires all over his head, doctors studying the screens searching for any sign of brain activity.  They prod the patient’s feet with a needle.  Nothing.  Loved ones speak and squeeze the hand, still nothing.  The preacher stops by and offers prayer to God.  Still nothing.  The doctors […]