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When liberals take over the dictionary

I remember when preachers mocked the liberal establishment for calling drunkenness a disease.  First it got renamed alcoholism, which sounds more like a religious belief in alcohol.  Then alcoholism got classified as a sickness.  Now the sickness has morphed into a disability.  And being a disability, it’s now protected by the ADA, the Americans with Disabilities Act.  So in one generation, being a drunken fool has graduated from contemptible to something like an endangered species.

Could any of this folly have consequences you and I would care about?

Well, as a matter of fact, yes, and it would be hard to top this as an example of how the loony left has taken over our government.  Old Dominion Freight Line fired one of its truck drivers for being an alcoholic.  The “disabled” man pushed back under the ADA, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued Old Dominion on his behalf.  The link shows that Old Dominion had a policy in which no alcoholic could be returned to driving position.  Now the Heritage Foundation is reporting that the EEOC has won the suit, getting a court order to put alcoholics back on the road in Old Dominion trucks.

You wonder if the outcome of the suit might have been different if the EEOC lawyers knew their children would have to ride in the truck with one of these — pardon a term from the obsolete King James lexicon — drunkards.

Before I’m done, let me scare you a bit more with the ADA (text linked here).  The act specifically excludes addiction to illegal drugs from being classified as disabilities.  Just to pick something harebrained at wild random, let’s suppose marijuana became legalized.  Marijuana abuse would then be a government protected disability.

Is there anything so violently stupid and evil that a band of government lawyers will not sue to make a protected privilege out of it?

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