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Snake handlers

Just a brief observation about one of the quirks of human nature.  People of all social strata seem drawn to do foolishly dangerous things.  The crackpot preacher handling rattlesnakes is easy to pick on.  What about the crackpot liberal that handles a gang of murderous outlaws such as the Muslim Brotherhood?  Both kinds of creatures are equally trustworthy, and both kinds of crackpots are equally demented, ignoring obvious dangers out of a misguided religious determination to believe what isn’t so.  Our State Department, under the direction of Clinton and Obama, has been handling the Islamic serpent, showing it off, promising it won’t bite.  Well, it bites.  Now the middle East is seething with unrest (again) while our Ivy League snake handlers assure us everything will be okay.  They are true believers in their own right, impervious to contrary evidence even when it arrives in the form of the dead.

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