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Needs to be repeated to blind western media

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It is astonishing that so many in the mainstream media are self-censoring the growing wave of Islamist violence around the world. A sign similar to this one raised controversy last week when a “journalist” defaced the sign with spray paint in a demonstration against “hate.” One wonders where this journalist was when Islamic radicals were murdering Coptic Christians in Egypt, killing our Ambassador to Libya, lopping off Daniel Pearl’s head, launching rockets into Israel, or sending suicide bombers hither and yon throughout the world.

So, yes.  Support the civilized man.  Regardless of your feelings about America’s relationship with Israel, you have to admit that they’re the only actual democracy in the middle East, and they’re the only ones actually trying to keep some order there.  The Obama administration’s appeasenik approach to Islamist radicals has brought nothing but an upward spiral of bloody, medieval lunacy.  Mr. Obama — spiraling down — reached a new low in his contemptible U.N. speech when he said that the future won’t belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

The biggest slander against Mohammed, if you want to call it slander, is the behavior of some of his followers.  Beheadings and suicide bombs and raging madmen taking to the streets is perhaps not the best way to persuade people to respect your religion.

Then again, judging by the response of Mr. Obama and his lickspittle acolytes in the leftist media, maybe it is.

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