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Attack of the hypocritical gay prigs

You could hardly be unaware of the brouhaha over Chik-Fil-A (CFA) and the gay marriage advocates.  CFA board member Dan Cathy said the company is “guilty as charged” in its support of traditional marriage.  Gay advocates went bonkers over it.  Conservatives, at the suggestion of Mike Huckabee, staged a CFA appreciation day and led the company to an all-time company record for single day revenue.

So the gays are losing the PR battle.  Big.  Now they’ve hit upon the idea of staging a homo kiss-in at CFA restaurants where they intend to perform public exchanges of saliva.  Way to go, gays.  That’ll teach ’em.

Meanwhile, in a twist of irony almost too twisted for words, it turns out that CFA’s stance on sodomite marriage is exactly the same as President Obama’s.  Obama said during the 2008 campaign that he doesn’t favor it.  Curious.  Just speculating here, but I wonder if the gays think Obama was (dare I say it?) lying to the non-pervert public in order to gain their votes.  Black voters, to speak in generalities, don’t favor homosexual marriage, and they supported Mr. Obama in numbers north of 90 percent, and Obama can’t win without that overwhelming race-based support.  So maybe he just tossed them a little political bone by pretending to oppose gay marriage with a wink-wink, nudge-nudge to the gays.  Besides, it’s an issue on which the president can’t much affect public policy anyhow, because marriages are governed by state law, not federal.

Whatever.  The thing that’s got my attention is that CFA and other private business have now gotten drawn into a fight with militant advocates of perversion.  The fight is taking place atop two cultural fault lines.  The obvious fault line is the issue of homosexual marriage.  While lopsided majorities of Americans believe in traditional marriage, the moral and political left is literally hell-bent on making the country accept it.

Which prompts the question, Why?  The answer points to the second fault line, which is a mite deeper.  The thing that most characterizes the left end of American culture is its hatred – – I don’t use the word lightly – – of the older, Judeo-Christian value system on which the country was founded.  The older value system prized a work ethic, for example.  Leftism doesn’t.  The older values treasure life, including that of the unborn and very old.  Leftism is contemptuous of it.  The older value system respects marriage as an expression of the relation between Christ and his bride, the church.  Leftism demands the right to pervert that and to make the rest of us bend the knee before their perversion.  The older value system esteems character virtues such as honesty and faithfulness and respect for authority (parents, government, employers, etc.).  Nobody could argue that America’s left flank respects these things.

And one more thing: Everyone is aware by now that our dominant mainstream media are for the most part way to the left.

So the CFA fight has given decent people an opening to express themselves.  Americans will grudgingly tolerate it if two guys want to go home and queer off in private, there being  a difference between sin and crime.  But they’re rankled by the leftist establishment trying to compel the rest of us to believe it isn’t even a sin.  People are tired of ceaseless attacks upon their most cherished religious beliefs coming from people who accuse them of being “haters.”  They’re angry when leftists abuse government authority in Boston and Chicago to attack good businesses, particularly at a time when the economy needs all the help it can get.

Leftism functions like a religion for its adherents, and like any religion, it has its hypocrites and prigs.  While they preach tolerance, these hypocrites are manifestly the least tolerant people on the modern scene.  Americans are lately growing a bit more offended by the new prigs of perversion who fly into histrionics whenever somebody takes a stand for decency.

The upshot is that CFA had one heck of a fine day.  May it continue.

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  1. May it continue, indeed!

    Well said, Steve : )

    “Leftism functions like a religion for its adherents,…”

    Absolutely, positively. I’d like to write about that sometime future on my blog. Secular humanism is their religion and I think it’s time our country defines it as such.

    Posted on 04-Aug-12 at 14:55 pm | Permalink

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