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Monthly Archives: August 2012

If he comes out of his pocket with a gun…


Our family friends, Gary and Kathy, were dining with us at a McDonald’s restaurant in Georgia.  It was hot summertime and had just rained about a tenth of an inch, so the temperature was still mid 90s, the streets were oily, and the humidity gauge offscale high.  We were discussing the then-recent mass shooting at […]

When conspiracies clash


Neil Armstrong is a real American hero, exemplifying some of what Americans like best in our heroes: modesty about his achievements.  It’s hard to imagine the current culture producing men who would spurn rock star coverage out of deference to team mates who contributed equally but got less spotlight.  But that’s the kind of guy […]

Wind and solar power, and how to outrun Usain Bolt


Here’s the master plan.  We will put Bolt in shackles and manacles, chain him to a concrete wall, and maybe have him tow a boat trailer.  Then we can all outrun him. That’s the argument advanced in a Bloomberg article today in which the author describes the energy business in America as thriving under the […]

Akin, Round Two


Cue up the ever-reliable news media to convert the Todd Akin statement into the latest non-stop news distraction.  He said “legitimate rape,” as if there could be such a thing as “illegitimate rape.”  And now we’ve got Youtube songs out there lampooning it all and the grievance industry working overtime.  With a heavy sigh, Bro. […]

Leaving the decay to itself


James reminds us to be small: What is your life?  It’s just a vapor that appears for a short time and then vanishes away.  (Jas 4:14) Things change in unpredictable ways, and so do we.  Everyone who gets old wonders where the years went.  Everyone whose health begins to fail wonders where his strength went.  […]

Todd Akin… oh, why didn’t he just shut up?


The Republican senatorial candidate from Missouri, Todd Akin, shot his mouth off concerning rape and abortion, and of course the left is loving it more than the right loves a Biden moment.  And it’s too bad that conservatives have to defeat the media in order to win anything, but then life isn’t fair. What Akin […]

Speculation and doctrine


Jesus never laughed, so we shouldn’t either.  At least that’s what one preacher taught this morning.  One of the attenders thought it was idiotic, which it was. 1.  Christians, preachers in particular, must distinguish between doctrine and speculation.  The pulpit is a suitable place for doctrine.  Speculation should be reserved for times when you’re sitting […]

Putting our national head through a natural gas noose


Mr. Obama’s administration, true to his campaign threat, is aggressively shutting down the coal industry.  Virtually no new coal-fired power plants are being ordered or built in the United States.  When coal-fired electric power plants are retired at the end of their design life, they’re pretty much all being replaced with natural gas-fired generation. America […]



Next time you hear a leftist pol talk about how wealth is unevenly distributed, check out this link to Michelle Malkin’s blog.  People need to come to grips with the fact that leftists speak in code.  The code word “distribution” or its Obama synonym “spread it around” means taking money from people leftists dislike and […]

Weep with them that weep


Egypt has taken its turn toward radical Islam, and now the Christians are the first in line to pay the price for it.  Concerns were expressed about this when the Mubarak regime fell.  The military establishment briefly controlled things; then came the elections in which the radical Moslem Brotherhood acquired what power the military was […]

Attack of the hypocritical gay prigs


You could hardly be unaware of the brouhaha over Chik-Fil-A (CFA) and the gay marriage advocates.  CFA board member Dan Cathy said the company is “guilty as charged” in its support of traditional marriage.  Gay advocates went bonkers over it.  Conservatives, at the suggestion of Mike Huckabee, staged a CFA appreciation day and led the […]