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Lint on the dungheap

Former FBI director Louis Freeh just completed his investigation into the role of Penn State’s senior leadership in the Sandusky child molesting affair.  The New York Daily News says Joe Paterno’s legacy was “tarnished.”  With that, they won the prize for the greatest understatement since Gutenberg invented printing.

Free’s report available here actually says Paterno knew about Sandusky’s sexual predations for years and took no meaningful action to put an end to them.  If a speck of lint settling on a manure pile tarnishes it, then Paterno’s legacy is tarnished.

Is there any doubt that America needs a moral awakening?  There is an unbroken line of surrenders on sexual sins starting with easy divorce and leading through promiscuity, shack-ups, hook-ups, and sexual perversion.  The prince of the power of the air will not stop until homosexual marriage is law, and then the next barrier to be broken will be the taboo against pedophilia.

The lesson for Christians is that God judges things morally and spiritually.  Somewhere out there is a football coach who has lost too many games and been fired too many times but who kept his life clean, stood against evil, defended the victim of abuse, and taught his players to be men of integrity.  It’s past time Americans started holding that guy as the real hero.  It’s better to lose on the field and win the locker room than the other way around.

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