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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Another Harvard head-banging moment


Suppose for a moment — just suppose — the Constitution had said something like “the right of the people to party with fast women and commit adultery shall not be infringed.”  How much leeway do you think the courts would allow for legislatures to regulate it? You can imagine my shock, shock when a Harvard-educated […]

The Aurora massacre


A few nights ago in Aurora, Colorado, James Holmes put on body armor, gathered up his guns, and went to the movie theater to murder as many people as he could.  Knowing police would identify him and come to his house, he left it booby trapped, hoping to kill cops when they came.  Twelve victims […]

Joe Pa’s statue down


ESPN is reporting that the Penn State statue of Joe Paterno has been taken down.  Big whoop.  How would you like to be the artist who devoted himself to building 900-pound bronze statue of a guy who turned out like that? It just goes to show, when you’re building monuments, you need to be careful […]

The case of Romney and the tax returns


Presumptive nominee Romney has released a couple of his tax returns showing that, indeed, he’s rich.  Not much news there, and the president’s henchmen political operatives were unable find anything all that useful, which is pretty much what everybody expected anyway.  So the president, our scion of honor and righteousness in the White House, tossed […]

Lint on the dungheap


Former FBI director Louis Freeh just completed his investigation into the role of Penn State’s senior leadership in the Sandusky child molesting affair.  The New York Daily News says Joe Paterno’s legacy was “tarnished.”  With that, they won the prize for the greatest understatement since Gutenberg invented printing. Free’s report available here actually says Paterno […]

Something a guy like Mr. Romney just can’t understand


Mitt Romney has been all over the map, politically speaking.  He is the DNA source for ObamaCare but now repudiates it.  He was the governor of Massachusetts but now campaigns as a conservative.  He was pro-abortion but now says he’s pro-life.  I hope that last one is really true, though I’ve seen nothing to persuade […]

Everything you need to know about ObamaCare


Number of new physicians in practice — 0 Number of new nurses graduated — 0 Number of new drugs invented — 0 Number of new hospitals built — 0 Number of new acute care clinics opened — 0 Number of new IRS agents hired — 16,000

Where is the liberal SCOTUS justice who slowly morphed into arch-conservative?


Where is the liberal SCOTUS justice who slowly morphed into arch-conservative while serving on the federal bench?  This is a question I’ve had for a long time, and I heard Mark Levin ask it again a couple of days ago.  When liberals are appointed to the bench, they start hard-line leftist, rule that way, and […]