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Oculus sus scrofa harvardus

That’s Latin for, “in a Harvard pig’s eye,” which pretty much sums up the Supreme Court’s ruling on ObamaCare.  The nub of the ruling, according to published reports, is that the Court said ObamaCare is a tax and as such as permitted under the Constitution.

Note to the Court: Only a very, very highly educated Juris Doctor could confuse funding the government with mandatory enrollment in a health insurance pyramid scheme, which is what ObamaCare is.

Time for the states to start thinking about nullification.  Here’s one for your Constitutional crisis files: Where in the Constitution does it say that the Supreme Court gets the last word on what the Constitution says?  The whole scheme of judicial review has become nothing more than a usurpation of the veto power, stealing it from the executive branch and installing it in the judicial.

As Drudge famously says, “Developing…”

Update: Here’s the text of the opinion.

One other thing.  Isn’t it about time to break the Ivy League stranglehold on Supreme Court seats?  Four of the justices who ratified the decision went to school at Harvard.  The rundown on them is: Roberts (Harvard), Ginsburg (Harvard and Columbia), Breyer (Harvard), Sotomayor (Yale), and Kagan (Harvard).  I’ve got a big problem with a tiny clique of lawyers educated in a decidedly left-leaning university system telling the rest of us what the Constitution says.

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