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New York City’s slave diet

New York City really needs to be having a conversation about what government’s purpose is.  First the ban on large drink cups, now they’re mulling the idea of outlawing excessive popcorn.  Good grief.

Here’s the disturbing thing.  Published reports have it that contraband cup law has something like 46 percent support among New Yorkers.  That really is a stunning testament to the ability of government schools to enstupidate large swaths of the population before anybody realizes how far along this has gotten.  After all, most people receive a great deal of their childhood nourishment at the breast of the state.  No big deal — is it? — if the nanny state wants to hang around a bit longer and keep on telling you what you can or cannot eat.

Oh, Steve.  For heaven’s sake.  You’re not saying these things are related, are you?

Well, yes.  It’s pretty much all of a piece.  The home school fanatic who grew up on a gravel ranch in western Wyoming finds New York’s submission to this folly inconceivable.  The kid who’s never known anything but government control of his life similarly cannot imagine any other way to live.  Forty-six percent of the people of New York City are already slaves in their own minds, or to switch metaphors, they are pets on a leash, and Mayor Bloomberg holds the other end of the leash.  He tells them what to do, and they do it.  Shame, shame, shame.

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