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Monthly Archives: June 2012

A more studied opinion of the opinion


There are times when you need legal scholarship.  There are times when you don’t.  In the case of Judge Roberts’ opinion on ObamaCare, you don’t.  Regardless of your feelings on the wisdom of the health care bill, the decision is large hunk of logical dreck.  Problem is, it’s too big to flush. I agree with […]

Oculus sus scrofa harvardus


That’s Latin for, “in a Harvard pig’s eye,” which pretty much sums up the Supreme Court’s ruling on ObamaCare.  The nub of the ruling, according to published reports, is that the Court said ObamaCare is a tax and as such as permitted under the Constitution. Note to the Court: Only a very, very highly educated […]

Might be pure moonshine.


It’s been a while since I linked any wisdom from Anthony Watt’s superb weblog  Watts is still at large publishing solid, balanced literature on the subject of weather, climate, and now, reproducing an article on “deniers.”  Next time you hear someone dismissed as a global warming “denier,” think about what a politically loaded term […]

Time to take a stand


When a preacher is ordered to omit the name of Jesus, it’s the perfect time to preach it. I’m not talking about the crude, bombastic guy on the corner shouting “turn or burn” at cars.  I’m talking about the mild mannered chaplain who works for the police department being told that naming Jesus offends unbelievers.  […]

A royal pest


It hasn’t been that many years ago since we had only — what was it? four months? — to save the planet.  Global warming would reach the tipping point and start the runaway heating syndrome which would doom Earth and made dead meat of us all. Prince Charles, the Challenger Deep of climate knowledge, hints […]



Just so you know what it is.

Open Letter to Madonna


Put your clothes back on and go away.  Now.  Please. Sincerely, Planet Earth and everybody on it

New York City’s slave diet


New York City really needs to be having a conversation about what government’s purpose is.  First the ban on large drink cups, now they’re mulling the idea of outlawing excessive popcorn.  Good grief. Here’s the disturbing thing.  Published reports have it that contraband cup law has something like 46 percent support among New Yorkers.  That […]

Next round in the Obama/EPA war on American energy


Cheap, Cheap Gas Unless you’ve been living under a very remote rock, you know by now that there’s been an actual revolution in natural gas extraction methodology.  The so-called “fracking” technique has made American-produced natural gas so abundant that its price has just about collapsed.  Gas is sold in commercial quantities called “MMBTU” for million […]