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So what’s wrong with just converting everything to natural gas?

Much of the electric utility industry is in the process of stampeding its giant herd to the same side of the boat.  Everybody is converting to natural gas because

1) Gas is cheap right now.
2) Gas plants are easiest to site and build.
3) Gas plants require the fewest personnel to operate.
4) Gas plants are the easiest, quickest way to meet the emissions limits imposed by hard-left radicals in the EPA.

The problem comes later down the road. Consider this fact about Minnesota’s large, coal-fired Sherbune County Power Station. This plant produces 2400 MW of electric power, or about 3.2 million horsepower — which is a huge amount of power.

If Sherco were converted to a high efficiency natural gas powered plant, the natural gas consumption would be 80 percent of that used by all Minnesota customers combined.

This why Mr. Obama and his fascist economy planners are such a threat to the energy security of America.  They appear to be sincerely uncomprehending of the dangers inherent in sourcing too much of our electric power from any one kind of fuel. To modify the Sherco plant to burn gas instead of coal would mean effectively doubling the amount of gas being piped there.  That’s a big change for matters on the industrial scale.  Could the existing pipelines and distribution system handle such a change?

Plus, there’s a vulnerability. If there were an interruption to Minnesota’s supply of natural gas, not only would the land of 10,000 frozen lakes lose its vital gas heating, the same interruption would disable much of its electric power also.

For a hundred years, the electric power industry has wisely persuaded local regulators concerning the importance of maintaining a diverse fuel supply tailored to each particular region of the country.  The Obama administration’s top-down approach is not only bringing destruction of the American-made coal industry, but is aggressively foisting unprecedented risks upon the stability of the electric power grid.

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