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See what I mean?

In a made-to-order illustration of the implacable hostility of the Democrat party toward the energy industry, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has requested a full environmental review of a proposal to export American coal to Asia.  Coal for export would be mined in Wyoming and Montana, shipped by rail across Idaho and Oregon with ultimate destinations at sea ports on Oregon’s Pacific coast.

There is hardly a cleaner industrial enterprise than shipping bulk materials by rail or barge. Nevertheless, a full environmental impact review could take years to complete, particularly if Kitzhaber can glom onto the climate change canard. Delay, of course, is all that’s necessary to slay any production industry. The coal industry has mines, men, and machines which must be paid for continuously. All Kitzhaber needs to score a kill is to maneuver one bureaucrat into standing on their oxygen hose long enough for the coal miners to die. Once dead, they’ll stay dead.

This shows once again that barbarians can destroy in a day a civilization that took centuries to build. Only now, America’s barbarians have advanced degrees and run the government.

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