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Question for hard core libertarians

I was preaching in the jail of Appling County, Georgia, where I met a woman who was a cocaine addict.  She wasn’t going to be locked up for a long time because the charge was only simple possession.  But she explained to me that she was seriously addicted to crack cocaine.  “I love me a rock.”  As we talked, she told me about wanting to be free from the addiction because she had a couple of daughters.  The older daughter was in grade school.  The younger was just a few weeks old.

“She be stayin’ with my mama,” she said.  “And my baby she got problems.  She be having a seizure, like, every five minutes.  The doctor he say it because my baby she had so much cocaine in her body when she was born.”  And she began to cry.  “But I ain’t ever stoop to no prostitution,” she said, searching for some little scrap of justification for herself.

“When did your baby start having seizures?”

“She be having them when she was born.  They don’t never stop.  It, like, every five minutes.”  And she clasped her arms around her own waist and cried some more.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a young person with a bigger weight of guilt. Her baby had this grotesque affliction, incurable, and it was all her fault.

My friend and I shared with her the Gospel of Jesus, but she was too grief stricken about her baby to listen.  She was gone when we came back the next week, so I don’t really know where she went or what happened to her or her baby.

So, let’s say we legalize cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, whatever.  Throw the doors wide open.  Tell the damned fools to take whatever drugs they can legally afford as long as they don’t commit other crimes to support their habits.  Then we get the FDA to inspect the dope and make sure it’s clean.  Bring out drug abuse into the light.  Regulate it, and put the pushers and kingpins and cartels out of business.  Tax it for good measure.  But bottom line is, we let it go.

And after that, I think you won’t meet one or two kids in the jail ministry with brain damaged babies having seizures every five minutes.  Now they come in tens and twenties.  At least, that’s what I think will happen.

Is it worth that?  Is it the right thing to do?  Is it the right way to govern the country?  I’m just asking.  Some people say we should do this because the war on drugs is doing far more damage than the abuse (which the war obviously isn’t preventing anyway).  But I’ll need to be convinced.

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