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Clicking the ratchet

As I’ve mentioned before, Revelation chapter 13 is a heart-stopping moment in the unfolding of Bible prophecy.  Among its various predictions is the idea of a universal identification to be applied to everyone on earth.  John calls it a “mark” applied to the right hand or forehead of every person on Earth.  Those who refuse the mark are barred from participation in any economic activity.  What’s remarkable about this prophecy was that in the first century after Christ the wherewithal to implement such a totalitarian undertaking did not exist nor could have been foreseen.

Now it’s not only possible, but it’s being advocated as this article published by the BBC shows.  It’s one thing for sci-fi writer Elizabeth Moon to wish such a dystopian folly upon us.  It’s quite another to give it the seeming legitimacy of being promoted by a first-ranked news organization such as the BBC.

Many have noted that what is unthinkable in one generation becomes thinkable in the next, and a requirement in the one after that.  John saw it beforehand by the light of the spirit of prophecy.  It’s coming.  Get in the ark of safety before the waters come.

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