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Actually, USA is bigger than the “Saudi Arabia of oil”

The General Accounting Office has released a study that includes important information on the Green River Formation, an area of largely untapped oil and gas reserves in the western United States. I’ll cut to the extreme money quote first:

Oil shale deposits in the Green River Formation are estimated to contain up to 3 trillion barrels of oil, half of which may be recoverable, which is about equal to the entire world’s proven oil reserves. (Emphasis mine.)

Only one thing stands in the way of these resources being developed: Democrats.  The Democrat party is, like any other political party, a coalition of people with disparate interests.  Electoral margins in our era are usually quite thin, so thin that a tiny faction of committed voters can control a political party by threatening to sit out an election.  Some organized lobbies are very effective at this, which is true of the environmentalists.  When they order the president to kill off the Keystone pipeline deal, he obeys them.

So now our nation lifts its fuel-starved eyes to the Green River and finds the radicals have built a Maginot line of regulations across the western frontier.  A giant regulatory phalanx is the ultimate weapon in passive aggression.  All they have to do is go stupid and sit there, and the treasures of the Green River Formation will remain forever sealed beneath America’s desert sands.

When the Nazis faced the Maginot line, it was militarily impossible to penetrate it.  So they just went around it.  In the case of our environmental radicals, it’s time conservatives bypassed them by doing a little passive aggression of their own.  Congress needs to slash the EPA budget until it’s too small to cause trouble.  That can be done by a little clutch of committed patriots who are willing to stall the budget process and shut down the government for however long it takes until the victory is won.  After all, the government is shutting us down!  What would be wrong with returning the favor?  And that can be done by men who don’t care if the left hires a covey of media consultants to invent uncharitable names to call them.

And this is why it’s so critical that the House of Representatives elect more constitutional conservatives who understand what is at stake.  The EPA is strangling the life out of American industry.  It has long ceased to matter whether they are doing this because they are Marxists bent on seeing America fall or just misguided idealogues hoping to establish the New Eden by making everybody stop doing everything.  Fact is, they’re killing America one ream of idiot regulations at a time.  They will stop doing that when the job doesn’t pay.

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