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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Carrie Nation Meets Buzz Lightyear


With the grudging consent of the Republic of Texas, Mitt Romney is headed for the GOP nomination for POTUS. Which is really not good news because Romney is a shape-shifter.  Ann Coulter says Mr. Romney has been moving to the right for many years, yay for him, and isn’t this what we wish all liberals […]

Creation-evolution debate soon to end… Yah, I bet


Louis Leakey, in some ways the first name in the scholarship of human evolution, has declared an early victory in the creation/evolution debate and, so to speak, has left the building. Did he do this based on some radical new finding?  Well, not exactly.  In fact, there’s not any new finding at all.  There’s just […]

Wish I’d said that.


Posted by Doug Wilson, one of the web’s keenest observers of ridiculousness. “Modern evangelicals have a ravenous hunger to be hipper than thou. They have a deep and covetous hunger to be cool — and so we have bestselling authors, Grammy award winners, trademark lawyers, Designer Bibles with Study Notes for just about everybody, rock […]

Clicking the ratchet


As I’ve mentioned before, Revelation chapter 13 is a heart-stopping moment in the unfolding of Bible prophecy.  Among its various predictions is the idea of a universal identification to be applied to everyone on earth.  John calls it a “mark” applied to the right hand or forehead of every person on Earth.  Those who refuse […]

Attention blood donors


A little-noticed news item today says a “study” could result in allowing “MSM” to donate blood.  “Study” is code for bureaucrats in search of a pretext to issue orders, and “MSM” means men who have sex with men. That means somebody out there would like to stop barring homosexual men from donating blood.  The reason […]

Actually, USA is bigger than the “Saudi Arabia of oil”


The General Accounting Office has released a study that includes important information on the Green River Formation, an area of largely untapped oil and gas reserves in the western United States. I’ll cut to the extreme money quote first: Oil shale deposits in the Green River Formation are estimated to contain up to 3 trillion […]

Piggly Wiggly and glass


My maternal grandmother lived in Morrilton, Arkansas. Near her house was a ridge comprised almost entirely of thin layers of slate and sedimentary rock. The western, declining end of the ridge had been sheared off and leveled to make room for a Piggly Wiggly grocery store. This formed a man-made cliff perhaps 50 feet high […]

Yay for nay on gay marriage


The vote in North Carolina shows us once again that when homosexual marriage is put to a vote, it gets defeated by a wide margin even in a liberal-leaning state like North Carolina. Gay marriage lost by a score of 61 to 39. It didn’t just get beaten; it got stomped. That result really makes […]

Random thoughts on setting goals


Christians should reflect on what God would have them do. Not much controversy about that. The Bible focuses a great deal of attention on what kind of people we are, quite a bit less on the greatness of our attainments. That’s not to say that great works, humanly speaking, don’t matter. I’m glad America has […]

So what’s wrong with just converting everything to natural gas?


Much of the electric utility industry is in the process of stampeding its giant herd to the same side of the boat.  Everybody is converting to natural gas because 1) Gas is cheap right now. 2) Gas plants are easiest to site and build. 3) Gas plants require the fewest personnel to operate. 4) Gas […]

Looney left comes to America


Massachusetts is apparently moving to ban cookies at bake sales.  (HT: Drudge linking to Boston Herald) It is impossible to mock leftards beyond the deeds they do themselves.  To say it “defies caricature” is literally true, but it somehow feels like it’s falling short.

Spiking the ball


Disapproving words are floating around about the recent hype concerning Osama Bin Laden’s death. It’s unseemly, said one. A Navy SEAL said Obama’s politicizing it is a “cheap shot.” Somebody else wondered how it would have played on the public if Richard Nixon had claimed credit for the moon landing. Many commentators seem to feel […]

See what I mean?


In a made-to-order illustration of the implacable hostility of the Democrat party toward the energy industry, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has requested a full environmental review of a proposal to export American coal to Asia.  Coal for export would be mined in Wyoming and Montana, shipped by rail across Idaho and Oregon with ultimate destinations […]

Painful to watch


This is becoming an annual story. Dan “fake-but-accurate” Rather is at it again, believe it or not, insisting the bogus memos told it like it was, that Dubya was a deserter, AWOL, etc. Rather is Sisyphus, shoving his rock of embarrassment up the hill of indignation only to have it roll back and mash his […]

Question for hard core libertarians


I was preaching in the jail of Appling County, Georgia, where I met a woman who was a cocaine addict.  She wasn’t going to be locked up for a long time because the charge was only simple possession.  But she explained to me that she was seriously addicted to crack cocaine.  “I love me a […]