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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Wal-Mart’s bribery scandal


So as I understand it, to build some Wal-Mart stores, they had to pay money so the men with guns would refrain from interfering. Now, suppose Country X requires the store to comply with a byzantine warren of regulations with every regulation covering a “license fee” or an “inspection fee” or some other flimsy bureaucratic […]

Enviro fad with an asterisk


The environmentalists are, as you know, fearful that carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants will change the atmosphere in such a way as to heat up the Earth.  Since power plants produce more CO2 than just about any other man-made source, a proposal to remedy this is called “carbon capture and sequestration,” or CCS.  […]

Side note


Despite the efforts of Miss Manners, table etiquette is generally not so good in America.  I saw a young man with his father eating at a Wendy’s restaurant.  The son, who looked to be about 18, was eating his sandwich with his mouth wide open.  His queasy father could not bear to watch.  The boy […]

Sol-Windra in Minnesota


The linked article from the Minnesota State News illustrates what AVFTA has been saying about the wind industry.  It exists for the purpose of reaping government subsidies, not generating power where and when it’s needed.  Two reasons why customers pay more: One, wind power costs more than conventional generation.  Two, all the other generating facilities […]

A dozen reasons to think Christ really did rise from the dead.


1. Various prophets foretold centuries in advance that the Messiah would be slain for our sins and rise again on the third day which, in fact, occurred. 2. The Lord Jesus Himself predicted His own death and resurrection, including the place and manner of His death, to be followed by His rising from the dead. […]

Let’s all get together and not think about something


Being generally unfriendly toward conspiracy theories, I nonetheless marvel at the media treatment of questions surrounding Mr. Obama’s bio.  As some writers are now beginning to say, we are witnessing the most potent and insidious form of censorship — a groupthink-driven blackout, not of news, but of curiosity itself.  Not one of the meager data […]

Where you wouldn’t expect wild things to be


When I was a kid new to the realm of things outside the city, I saw some things in nature that surprised me.  I had always assumed there were basically no large predators in Arkansas, but that was mistaken.  I’ve seen both red and gray wolves there.  But that’s not all. One night I was […]

Changing the world


The phrase in the title of this post gets used a bit too much describing events that didn’t really do a lot of good.  But a couple thousand years ago, an event took place which did change the world, changed it for the better, and did so without pulling any of the levers the Secular […]

How a deed became an identity


Time was, biblically literate Christians looked upon a homosexual act as a sin, period.  As I’ve often said, homosexuality is not the unpardonable sin, but it is a sin.  And people who understood the Bible viewed it this way. But the Bible has some stern things to say about sin.  The one who sins is […]

I wonder…


I wonder if the president thought in 2010 that he’d need the Supremes when he was trashing the court during that state of the union address. Here it is again, in case you’ve forgotten.  If you watch the video, you’ll see all the justices who attended sit stony faced after his remarks.  They didn’t like […]