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The sl*t controversy

By now you’ve heard that Rush Limbaugh called Ms. Fluke a bad word.  Just to put things in perspective, conservative columnist Michelle Malkin has penned the article here describing the sort of things men on the left say about conservative women.  If you’re any sort of Christian at all, prepare to be a bit shocked.

It’s hard to say how decent people ought to react to all this.  One thing’s for sure; the moral problems afflicting America right now, part of which are manifesting themselves as name-calling among various political groups, has no political solution.  This is a job for the Gospel.  As Ron Paul observed during the debate in Tampa, law follows the morals of the people.  When people’s morals are degraded, and they are, you get this sort of thing going on.

Far be it from me, however, to draw moral equivalence between the two sides.  Not for nothing is the Democrat Party referred to as “The Party of Evil.”  It is a political assemblage seeking to legislatively protect almost every destructive vice from laziness, to be rewarded with a government check, to fornication, to be covered by free contraception and, of course, free abortion if the contraception fails.

The difficulty for cultural conservatives is that doing any practical good in the political realm means we have to connect up with establishment political conservatives.  The crowd booed when Rick Santorum said politics is a team sport, but he was right.  If you’re going to be in this game at all, you have to pick a team and get on it.

But this is politics, after all.  And what we’re talking about here is a “conservative” movement that is way low in the coast-down from of a badly corrupted version of Christian morality.  This is a political class that craves power no less than the liberals, is equally committed to statist approaches to problem solving, morally checkered (as Mr. Limbaugh is), and with a track record of being untrustworthy once they get power.  Yuck.  Retch.  Dry heave.

These are the guys Constitutional Conservatives expect to represent us in opposing a liberal movement that is in full-throated, raging rebellion against every speck of righteousness it can find.  Liberalism in America has become a code word for abortion, welfare, sodomy, recreational drug use, abrogation of every liberty except the freedom to hump what you please, crony socialism and its culture of blatant corruption, a gigantic work-strangling regulatory establishment, and unlimited debt incurred to fund an ever-expanding nanny state.

If a choice is thrust upon me between the two, it’s only with the greatest reluctance that I could cast a vote for the least-worst.  Even then, it is sheer co-belligerency.  I cannot fly a GOP flag and be proud of it.  Real conservatives are just doing a sort of political rope-a-dope in which we’re getting pummeled while waiting for another day when we can fight back better.

That said, the comparison is still worth making.  Check out Ms. Malkin’s article (linked again here), and remember that people who are raising Cain about Limbaugh’s use of sl*t have done far, far worse themselves.  It’s said that hypocrisy is the compliment that vice pays to virtue, which is doubtless true.  But there comes a point when you have to realize that the other side is engaged in a different game using different rules.  And it’s about time more conservatives began to face that fact.

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