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Churches die from the inside out

Discipline is the one sure sign that believers recognize a difference believing versus not believing in Christ. After a failure of discipline has run its course for a few generations, there’s little to no discernible delta between the church and the world system. Once that takes root, the church is hollow and lifeless. The candle has gone out. “Ichabod” is over the door. Association with an undisciplined church is a pointless waste of time and money, and attempts at professing Christian teaching become the most embarrassingly flagrant hypocrisy.

Any kind of social organization, whether it’s a church or a garden club, must meet two fundamental prerequisites for its existence. First, it has to have a reason for being there. Second, that raison d’ĂȘtre must move the organization to distinguish between who belongs and who does not. These need not be expressed in a harsh or condescending way. They just have to be there.

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