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Chaldeans on the court

With no disrespect offered to the August Personages inhabiting the Supreme Court, I really don’t need their expertise to see that ObamaCare is a Constitutional crock. If there is such a thing as private property (and there is), and if the Constitution limits the powers of the Congress to the ones it actually enumerates (and it does), and if the tenth amendment assigns all remaining powers to the states and people (yep, again, on that one), then Congress simply has no authority to order me to buy medical insurance. The nine legal Chaldeans need not unveil this mystery to us. We already know the correct answer. As Judge Homer McCoy said, “I don’t need no checkerpants lawyer to tell me” about that.

Kudos to Mr. Kennedy for asking exactly the right question: Can Congress create commerce in order to regulate it (i.e., under the commerce clause)? Answer: No.

Kudos to Mr. Scalia for correcting Solicitor General Virelli on what this is all about. It’s not about health care and never was. It’s about buying insurance.

The Congress would like to order everyone to buy it whether they want it or not. This is a textbook instance of outright fascism in which private property is theoretically allowed but the state decrees what must be done with it. So you can earn your salary, but the government will tell you where to spend it. For way too long we’ve allowed our left-leaning fellow Americans to think of themselves as progressive. They are not. Though many including Mr. Obama were trained as Marxists, what they’re in fact advocating is outright fascism, and they need to know it.

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