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Monthly Archives: March 2012

First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Econotards


The dumbest argument advanced so far in support of ObamaCare: People who don’t buy insurance “drive up costs” for the rest of us. Solution obvious to fascists everywhere: Drive costs down by making everyone buy into the system. There is no polite way to describe how flabbergastingly ignorant this argument is. First, understand that in […]

Chaldeans on the court


With no disrespect offered to the August Personages inhabiting the Supreme Court, I really don’t need their expertise to see that ObamaCare is a Constitutional crock. If there is such a thing as private property (and there is), and if the Constitution limits the powers of the Congress to the ones it actually enumerates (and […]

Looking for Mr. LGM


You have to be amazed at the astronomers’ ability to analyze variations in the position of a distant star and deduce the size of a planet revolving around it.  Naturally, this involves a lot of assumptions. Even more amazing is that they’ve surveyed quite a few stars in the Milky Way galaxy and have identified […]

Angry eyebrows, GOP-style


The GOP run for the presidential nomination is getting nasty, at least on Mr. Santorum’s part. Nobody actually believes the mainstream media (including those who relish it), but no candidate can afford to ignore how he looks there. For now, the MSM are painting Santorum like the man who got expelled from anger management school. […]

Churches die from the inside out


Discipline is the one sure sign that believers recognize a difference believing versus not believing in Christ. After a failure of discipline has run its course for a few generations, there’s little to no discernible delta between the church and the world system. Once that takes root, the church is hollow and lifeless. The candle […]

Billion dollar extension cords


Comparing these two maps shows one of the biggest obstacles for the wind industry. The best sources of wind power are located far away from consumers. Winds blow here: Power gets consumed where people live. Mostly that’s in the big urban centers. See population density map below. Notice that the most profitable wind areas are […]

The sl*t controversy


By now you’ve heard that Rush Limbaugh called Ms. Fluke a bad word.  Just to put things in perspective, conservative columnist Michelle Malkin has penned the article here describing the sort of things men on the left say about conservative women.  If you’re any sort of Christian at all, prepare to be a bit shocked. […]

Beating the Iranian war drum


We’re witnessing a run-up to another war in the middle East, this time against Iran.  The pretext is the same as for the war against Iraq.  Our rulers claim the Iranians are developing atomic bombs.  The response that seems most appealing to our rulers is to send planes and bombs to stop the Iranians. Those […]

Your pearl of wisdom for today


Just about every human organization eventually morphs into something like a religion.  Thereafter, it develops articles of faith, promotes the zealots and scorns the unbelievers.